Thursday, November 17, 2011

OWS taking over the streets in NYC (22,000 viewers)

"Whose streets? Our streets!"
Police trying to set up barriers in front of crowd. People knocking down barriers. DAY OF ACTION!

100 cops trying to hold back 3000 marchers. FAIL.

2:29pm Black Block spotted.
2:36pm Marchers back in action with drums at front.
3:26pm Marchers still at it - about to converge with unions at Foley Square.

Helicopter shot at

Marchers are going to head toward the bridges. Police are said to be waiting for them. This real-time live streaming is exciting.

3:58pm Tim (live-stream operator) is denied access to speaker by OWS security. Group now headed toward Brooklyn Bridge.
4:00pm Air space reportedly being cleared.
4:04pm Union workers with linked arms surround and block police.
4:10pm Police gathered to block bridge. (Your edit in italics - This is what a police state looks like. Can martial law be far behind?)
4:14pm Marching band ahead in march, providing nice sound track.
4:22pm Police blocking bridge. More barricades being delivered. (Are the police going to arrest thousands?)


  1. Much respect to all of you. I only hope that more and more join and bring a much deserved change in America. It is time that we change the status quo and fight for equality and a country that belongs to the people not the rich or those with the most influence. I think its time to wake up from the "american dream" and make it a reality.