Monday, March 21, 2011

Chris Romer: "I'm NOT the front-runner"

Despite my vow not to cover Denver's mayoral race, I was drawn to the NAACP forum held at East High on Saturday - it was only a block from my office.

As we were waiting for the show to start, candidate Chris Romer was working the audience, and noticed my camera. He asked me what the video would be for and I mentioned Denver Direct and this blog. He said he wasn't aware of it. I suggested that he should read it as I was writing about him.
"My ears are always red in this town" he replied. "What are you writing about" he asked.
"I'm writing about how you are the front-runner and how..."
"I'm NOT the front-runner" he replied emphatically. "Carol Boigon is the front-runner."
Before I could finish he was called to the stage.

My conclusion - Romer desperately doesn't want to be seen as the front-runner in this race despite the fact that he has over 500K in the bank and the highest name recognition. In recent elections, the front-runner has lost. His statement proves that he will say anything to win, even denying the obvious.

I recorded video for the entire session. Unfortunately, my aging VX2000 glitched up on the first two speeches - Romer and Linkhart, and their footage is not usable. I'll post the usable footage of Mejia, Hancock and Boigon later today.


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