Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Denver City Council Immune to Perception: Votes for Salary Increases

Note: Councilpersons Boigon, Faatz, and Sandoval voted against the pay increases, and are exempt from the following comments.

In voting for a RAISE in salary for elected officials in the near future, Denver's City Council distinguished itself last night. While on previous occasions I've heard them talk about "sharing the pain" and "doing our part" this time it was - GIVE US MORE MONEY.

Whatever the case, these bozos seem to have forgotten that it is the PERCEPTION that counts. While many of their statements were true - haven't had a raise in a long time - it's really, really little - I give it back anyway - the perception is the same - YOU VOTED FOR A RAISE FOR THE ELITES WHILE YOU CUT EVERYTHING ELSE. Shame, shame, shame. You just don't get it.

While we are on the topic of City Councilpersons, please tell me why we need 13 of them. Let's divide Denver into 4 quadrants and have one at-large position, for a total of 5 rather than 13. Those 5 would have to do the work of 13, just like everybody else who still has a job and now does the work of three. The 5-member council would be able to rubber-stamp everything just as well as the 13-member gang does now.

That would save millions.

Note: I was getting ready to put the entire 40-minute discussion up on YouTube, but it was mind-numbingly long, so I just clipped out the "best" and the "worst" (quotes to indicate that it's just my opinion) for your viewing entertainment, thanks to Channel 8.



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