Sunday, July 24, 2011

Internal Report

In case you've been wondering about the slower pace on this site recently, be advised that things have been out of kilter here at Denver Direct since March when our associate Adrienne Anderson was stricken with a lethal glioblastoma multiforme, a rare brain tumor. Having been instructed by and collaborating with this amazing person for the past three years, I had the wind knocked out of my sails here as a result, and settled into a deep depression, sprinkled with many hospital visits. Adrienne has now finished her radiation and chemo and is resting at home.

Then I went into surgery myself for a total hip replacement. My left hip had been grinding to a halt for some time and Dr. Ted Parks, the ortho guy at Western Orthopedic (and rated #1 by 5280 Magazine), said I was a great candidate for the full pop. I had mixed feelings and took a couple of weeks to decide. At that time I was limited to about a one-block walk and that was greatly limiting my ability to get out and shoot video.

Avoiding TMI, I'll keep the report brief – the operation was a great success, the hospital stay (4 days) was almost intolerable, not so much from the pain but from the side-effects of the pain killers which had me freaking from lack of sleep. With the help of my steadfast partner Pat, I was able to survive (thanks to Dr. Parks for accommodating my difficulties) then and at home on day five and thereafter. At-home physical therapy from Angels Care Home Health for the next few weeks got me up and walking, climbing stairs, and driving.

I always wondered if you got an implant such as this if you could feel it as an alien robot part inside your body. The answer is yes, but as it gets incorporated into the structure, less and less. I'm guessing that eventually you forget about it. I do have an image of my left leg thundering down the highway while the rest of my shriveled body hangs on for the ride.

Other new upgrades:
 - new speed-demon computer (i7) with 3 terabytes of memory
 - new Sony NEXVG-10 camera
 - Vegas Pro editing software

So for now, I should be flying high, but the depression lingers. Here's hoping, and thanks for continuing to stop by. Your visits are appreciated.


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