Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adrienne Anderson (1952 - 2011)

Environmental activist Adrienne Anderson passed away yesterday at the Hospice of St. John in Lakewood, Colorado. Her life-long fight against environmental polluters will remain as a shining example of the phrase "never give up".

From DAVID W. DI NARDI District Chief Judge in re: Case No.: 1997-SDW-7 ADRIENNE ANDERSON, Complainant, v. METRO WASTEWATER RECLAMATION DISTRICT, Respondent. 18 Sept 2001
This entire case is about a dedicated, conscientious and public-spirited citizen who, in following in the tradition of Karen Silkwood, Erin Brockovitch, A. Ernest Fitzgerald, Casey Ruud and others, has spent her entire adult life in pursuing union and environmental activities and in attempting to correct perceived wrongs and problems in society. Complainant’s beliefs, in my judgment, are reasonable and well-founded, based upon her years of research into the problems and remedial action taken with reference to the socalled Superfund Sites by the federal and state governments.


  1. Ruth Ann King8:30 AM

    A wonderful summary comment of Adrienne and her work. I couldn't agree more, and will always miss her and feel tremendous loss as I do today. My love and prayers for her family and many friends....

  2. An amazing woman who I feel fortunate to have known. Her spirit lives on in all of us!

  3. Ray Ehrenstein11:51 AM

    Blessings upon Adrienne Anderson. She was a gallant lady and fighter who certainly raised my awareness of landfill and environmental issues facing Denver and Colorado. I believe we must pursue those issues in her absence. Monitoring of water discharges into the South Platte river, Denver lakes and parks must be pushed, especially regarding "purple pipes".

  4. catherine sandy8:55 PM

    What a privilage we all had to have this wonderful soul amoung us. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to know her and learn from her. She will live on thru her work,which is a wonderful gift to us. Catherine Sandy

  5. Cecilia11:23 AM

    The lives of my family have been enriched by having Adrienne and her family in it. Lucky for all of us, she was one stubborn woman that would never settle for less that what is right for Mother Earth. She was a great teacher in life. The lives of many were defended by her knowledge and beliefs. She will be greatly missed. Her legacy will live on...
    Rick, C & boys

  6. Chris O.7:32 PM

    Don't know what Denver is going to do without Adrienne. Having worked beside her on issues here on Lowry, I will miss her invaluable insights and help, as well as her persistence in getting the "unpopular" facts out in public, without caring whether she was liked by those she challenged. My thoughts are with her daughters especially during this tough time.

  7. Here's what the American Assoc. of University Professors said about her being fired from CU:

    I wouldn't be surprised if her cancer was a little gift from those whose crimes she exposed.

  8. Adrienne was an amazing woman and her absence on this planet will be missed. I will never forget her and all the lessons she has taught me. My life truly changed the day I met her.