Monday, September 26, 2011

Plutonium at Rocky Flats

From: LeRoy Moore
RE: Plea for Support

Last week two specialists that we hired collected 40+ samples at Rocky Flats, primarily along the eastern edge of the site on land proposed for the privately financed Jefferson Parkway. Earlier studies showed this area to be heavily contaminated with plutonium. Our request to U.S. Fish & Wildlife for permission to have our sampling done on the Rocky Flats site was denied, so the samples were collected outside the fence. In five or six weeks we will know whether or not the sampling shows that highway construction in the area would stir up clouds of plutonium-laden dust that would endanger workers, nearby residents and others. We took this step because it appeared that government agencies weren't going to do the sampling that we believe should be done before construction of a toll road. We very much need financial support to help pay the cost of this work and follow-up activities, including publicity and grassroots efforts. Cost for the sampling and analysis alone will run several thousand dollars. While it's on your mind, please make as audacious a donation as you can. Either send a check earmarked for Nuclear Guardianship to Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, Box 1156, Boulder, CO 80306, or make a donation on line at, using the "Project Support" button under PayPal. Thank you for your generosity.
LeRoy Moore, Ph.D., Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center P. O. Box 1156, Boulder, Colorado 80306-1156 USA E-mail address:


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