Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heads-up on High St at 16th Ave

Drug sales have been picking up a lot in our neighborhood. In case you haven’t noticed, the people milling around on Vine Street are probably waiting for their drug dealer to show up. Vehicle activity has been ongoing at the 16th and 18th intersections, the parking lot of 1733 and the bench at 1741. That person walking up and down, checking traffic in all directions and probably using their cell phone every few minutes is anxious about their fix showing up and usually runs to the car that finally shows up, or yours if you slow down. Cars with people sitting in them for 15 -30 minutes at a time are probably waiting for their fix also. It’s obvious when they get out their car, into another car to buy and then back to their own car to leave the neighborhood. The three drop off vehicles I know of are a black Escalade, a dark green 4 door Mazda and a champagne colored Escalade with pink breast cancer plates.

Hand to hand and vehicle sales are obvious on the 15 block of High street if you pay attention, especially weekends when the businesses and Gathering Place are closed.

It's spring, drugs are in the air and more are coming from the west. Anything you can do to help is appreciated.

Craig A. Demmon, AIA


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