Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toll Road Legislation Pulled

Press release from www.GoTheBetterWay.org

State Senator, Betty Boyd and Jeffco Commissioner, Don Rosier have officially pulled their half-baked “BEEP” Act bill from the Colorado Legislature. Take a moment to celebrate, but we can guarantee they will be back in the fall. This bill failed because it got started too late to gain support, not to mention the bill was a gross overreach.

The bill’s intention was to create yet another layer of government that had ultimate powers over the governor and the legislature to push eminent domain, meaning they could take private and public property (including schools and parks) to build private toll roads.  While the bill was written to apply to everyone throughout the state, this is an obvious effort to push a toll road through Golden. Anyone who says the Jefferson toll road will have no affect Golden is probably naive.

This failed bill would seek to repeal a state law, HB-1041, which gives local governments a say when it comes to roads through their city. HB-1041 is the best protection for Golden and all other cities against greedy, private developers who will stop at nothing. When a new, similar bill comes up again in the fall, probably in a slightly different form, citizens must again speak out. There was a great outpouring of opposition against this latest bill, and it definitely helped stop this egregious legislation.

One must call into question Sen. Betty Boyd’s (D) judgment. She should be aware that the Jefferson County Democrats are officially opposed to the beltway.  County Commissioners, Dan Rosier (R) is on par with previous County Commissioner, Kevin McKasky, who is obviously aligned with big money developers, and will stop at nothing to enrich special interests. THE BEST thing we can do in Jeffco is kick Roser out of office in November. Maybe Betty Boyd should find a new career, as well.

While Golden City Council may seek a compromise, the fact is, there is little chance for a good deal for Golden. The last round of negotiations fell apart because toll road proponents wanted to push a private toll road through Golden, and this will NEVER be acceptable. It doesn’t matter how much money they might promise. If Golden agrees to a deal, it will spell the end of Golden as we know it, and Golden will certainly never get the goodies it would be promised. Proponents of this road are never to be trusted.

While Golden has transportation needs, we cannot be bribed into going along and selling out our town for any amount of money. Any Golden City Council member that seeks a compromise would be in direct opposition to the wants and needs of Golden residents.

The ultimate weapon against this private toll road, and naive or corrupted politicians is YOU. CINQ encourages you to think long-term and stand on principle. We have nothing if we give up our land, water, air and property values to those would take what is most precious. CINQ has already begun lobbying efforts at the state capital, and these efforts will continue throughout the summer. The City of Golden, and Representatives Max Tyler, Sue Shaffer, Jeannie Nicholson and Cheri Jahn did a good job of stopping this latest bill, and we appreciate that.  Stay tuned.


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