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All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - December 15, 2012

Hey Now!

This is gonna be a very busy week, followed by a potentially very slow week. I am wondering if anybody at all will want an order in the week between Xmas and NYE? Otherwise I will try to bring EVERYBODY a big ol' order this week making all deliveries by the 23rd, so everybody will have any holiday special orders on time... This plan includes  the Customized full size 9" party cheesecakes, if your patients want one, please have orders in no later than Tuesday the 18th. (Co Springs area, you gotta tell us by Monday the 17th... since Tuesday is your delivery day!)  
I will be at the Governors 1st Task Force on 64 Meeting Monday afternoon, and may not be able to make your reminder calls for orders...  please help us out by sending in orders ASAP. I will have a special update Newsletter about that meeting (whihc you are welcome to attend) for you all after that meeting so look for my review on Tuesday Am. 
I will gladly personally make special deliveries for you in the week of Dec 26th through Dec 29th, but since I likely wont have a full staff sitting here at the Kitchen during the Holiday time they could spend with their family, wondering if orders are coming in...  You might want to email orders, allow for some flexibility on products and delivery day, and give plenty of notice if you do need some year end inventory...  if you need to reach me my Cell is 720 369 0107 but it doesnt work really well at my house, so text please... And as you know Im also moving out from my house in the last week of the month so I will be back and forth a bunch...  
And if you stop reading here, know that I am very grateful to you and your MMC for your continued support of Twirling Hippy Confections in 2012. Without your  help, we would not be one of: "the few, the proud, the City of Denver & MMED Vertically Licensed MIPs" Thanks! 

Hope to see you Monday, here are the details if you want to attend... if not, look for my review on Tuesday, and get on the emails please! 
Amendment 64 Task force 1st meeting Monday the 17th, open to public.

 All meetings of the Task Force and any working groups will be open to the public. The Task Force will also endeavor to solicit public comment as part of its consideration of the policy, legal and procedural issues that need to be resolved to implement Amendment 64.
The Task Force will hold its first meeting at noon Dec. 17 in the Department of Revenue Gaming Conference Room, 17301 W. Colfax Ave., Suite 135, in Golden.
please read the entire link to the article on who made the Governor's Task force here. 
look closely at the list of Task Force members and see if you have a relationship with any member please send an email reaching out to that person on a personal level. On a more proactive level we would also like members to write letters to panelists on the Task force and please use your own words but touch on these three points if you can... 
#1. increased enforcement against illegal grows/sales. #2. Licensing prioritization for compliant currently licensed MMJ businesses #3. DUI protection for red card holders... 

the following post came out just hours later from CO atty general Suthers... be aware of what's in your pocket and where you place your feet... not all places in our border in CO are state land... esp ski resorts and campgrounds... 
December 10, 2012
“The Department of Justice is reviewing the legalization initiatives recently passed in Colorado and Washington state. The D
epartment's responsibility to enforce the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged. Neither States nor the Executive branch can nullify a statute passed by Congress. In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance. Regardless of any changes in state law, including the change that will go into effect on December 10th in Colorado, growing, selling or possessing any amount of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Members of the public are also advised to remember that it remains against federal law to bring any amount of marijuana onto federal property, including all federal buildings, national parks and forests, military installations, and courthouses.”
John Walsh
United States Attorney, District of Colorado
NOTE: No additional information is available, and no interviews will be granted.

Some good and exciting news, yep really really really good, maybe even great, ok yes great... 

It has been a long and crazy road, but Twirling Hippy Confections has triumphantly received our paper MIPs licenses from both the MMED, and the City of Denver. Here is a copy for you to keep in your Twirling Hippy files. With the New Year coming now is a great time for you to send us a copy of your current licensing, as you are requesting the same from all your vendors. Also we will need to do new contracts for 2013 per MMED, so we will provide you with that document in the 1st week of the coming year. We could not have accomplished this goal with out your support, we would like to Thank YOU for being the awesome link that allows us to reach the patients of Colorado. Please help us to continue to our mission of being a leader in MMJ information & compliance by supporting only MIPs businesses which can prove licensing compliance (per excise, only 30 some of all the MIPs including makers of Erls waxes ect.. based in Denver have applied for City of Denver licensing, MIPs selling without a Denver Application in process are NOT MMED Compliant, you can ask to see any MIPs Licenses or inspection card to prove their compliance). Please continue offering all the exciting award winning products Twirling Hippy Confections will keep bringing you in the coming years. Now more than ever, the relationships we've built in this business will truly matter. 

A few new MMJ stories for this week... 

This is fairly progressive on a private individual level, but leaves all of us on the business side in the crosshairs legally... 
another on the same topic. 

He said the same thing in 2009 in the 1st 6 weeks of his presidency, and we all know how that went, so cross your fingers.... 

I  have met Gerhardt many times, the guy has no clues, but has a great press agent, dangerous combo in my opinion. No proof required. 
Denver Drug Agent: Our Problems �Have Exploded� With Pot Legalization - CBS Denverdenver.cbslocal.comNo matter how regulated marijuana is, now that pot is legal in Colorado it will be hard to keep away from curious and unknowing kids, according to a member of a Denver-area drug task force.    I really liked this response from a friend... "as if this change in the law made any difference in if parents smoke or have pot around the house... The only thing that changed is now they are not considered a criminal." 

From the same part of the state we have this statement on the same day... these guys should talk 1st... Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey has sent a bulletin to all officers clarifying how officers should deal with marijuana enforcement with the passage of Amendment 64.
Here is the bulletin sent by Chief Carey:
Based on Governor John Hickenlooper's December 10, 2012 proclamation certifying the vote on Amendment 64, members of the Colorado Springs Police Department need to be aware of the immediate changes related to the enforcement of marijuana possession and use.
Amendment 64 decriminalizes the non-public use, and possession, of less than an ounce of marijuana by persons twenty one years of age and older. The Amendment does not change any of the current Municipal Ordinances and/or Colorado Statutes as they relate to individuals under the age of twenty one. An individual twenty one or older is authorized to possess an ounce or less of marijuana but they are not permitted to use the marijuana in a public place or in a manner that endangers others.  If it is necessary to issue a summons for public consumption of marijuana it should fall under Municipal Court 9.7.206: Possession of Cannabis.
Citizens are allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants, not more than three of which may be mature, flowering plants, in an enclosed, non-public, locked space.  There are no current requirements that personal grows need to be in the home.
The Clock continues ticking on the 25 days the MMED has given industry members to respond to the proposed changes to the Medical Marijuana code, however the MMED website still is only providing an outline and the real changes have yet to be posted to garner real response. Lets hope the details are posted with enough time to allow for honest and thoughtful feedback. 

You wont need an education to work for 23 cents an hour in America's for profit privately owned prisons...

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the following two discount offers ONLY APPLY to Orders of Over 30 units... 
50 cents off all Kinship Bars and Savory Nuts ordered for delivery this week, offer good until we sell our entirety of Bars & Nuts in stock, so order EARLY! 
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Well I guess that is all I have to say to y'all this week, Thanks for reading, thanks for staying informed! 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans Denver CO
303 922 3661 


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