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All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - December 30, 2012

Hey Now,

Its time to be through with 2012, and 2013 should be a very educational and mind expanding year! I have big plans in the coming year to remain invested in the political process surrounding the cannabis industry, and to do my very best to keep you informed so that we can ensure that we all remain relevant in a rapidly changing regulatory system.
I have been out most of this past week with that wicked evil bad flu that has been going around, but Im fully recovered and ready to cook up some fun for your patients. Deliveries for next week will be delayed a day all the way around due to the Holiday on Monday/Tuesday but please feel free to let us know what you would like us to deliver and we will do it very happily. And as usual the savings are at the bottom of the news, and will be all year long in 2013! That said you shouldn't skip the homework, there are gonna be a lot of important issues that you will benefit from timely participation in.
Also about 5-6 of the Xmas cards we sent to all of you bounced back, so if you didnt get our card please lemme know so we can ensure you get our remembrance of our gratitude for your support in 2012! Thanks!

just a reminder that the legislative session in CO begins on January 9th, so if you can be at the capitol to kick off the session that is the day, more news on the opener next week! Also a reminder that the A-64 task force has their next general meeting on Monday 1-7-13.

I have a few interesting developments from the DOR regarding A-64, including this link to the new web page devoted to A-64. Check out this link, or you can listen to the audio from the 1st meeting here: I think this is a pretty impressive catalog of info, much better than the MMED's rule making process, so i am encouraged by this attention to detail and open sharing stance. What i think is most deserving of our attention right now is the section 10 offerings of regulatory info from both MMED, and Alcohol (didnt voters ask for "like alcohol?") blobcol=urldata&blobheader=application%2Fpdf&blobkey=id&blobtab
compare that with this, which one do we want to regulate like?

Heads up Larimer living folks, get to this meeting if you can please! County's first conversation over legal marijuana scheduled Three Colorado counties are already progressing toward banning recreational marijuana businesses, and Larimer County commissioners will meet Jan. 14 to begin shaping the local course for managing them.

a few more related notes from around the state... Mt. Crested Butte close to pot shop ban Gary Keiser said. “The selling of marijuana, whether it’s medical or non-medical, is not very consistent with a resort town." and a fairly retardedly rosey outlook,
Don’t Smoke in Public and Other Advice Regarding Amendment 64 - Telluride Watch This is a historical period for our country, state and local community; we have finally initiated the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition. even in towns that dont have MMJ,
Brighton City Council debates future of marijuana policy | TheBrightonBlade City Council began discussing how it would approach city policy on marijuana following the passage Amendment 64 during a Dec. 11 study session. City Attorney Margaret Brubaker told council Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the proclamation Dec. 10 and also issued an executive order creating a task f... and some places have already banned retail before we even start looking at regulatory models...Lyons BOT Approves Marijuana Moratorium Without much discussion among themselves, nor any comment from the public (who wasn’t present), the Trustees approved a temporary moratorium for the issuance of business licenses in the Town of Lyons for the testing, manufacturing, growing, or retailing of marijuana, pursuant to the recently approve...
Weld County ordinance passes 2nd reading; Douglas County commercial marijuana ban starts Thursday Weld County may be the second county to ban commercial marijuana operations before businesses can set up. others remain watchful, Vail Valley officials watching state on pot laws | EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado — Colorado voters in November turned the state into a “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” zone when they (read more)

A story from WA state on NPR had a quote which was interesting in light of the inane protestations of CO panelist "for profit addiction specialist" Thurstone.
Legalized Pot Creates Quandary For Adults In Wash. : NPR Roger Rothman is professor emeritus of social work at the University of Washington. He's studied marijuana abuse since the 1980s. He believes legalization may cause an uptick in use, at least at first. Nevertheless, he supported legalization because he thinks prohibition has led to an absolutist message for kids.
How unfortunate for those other states! lets hope they at least tried to match their legislation to their regulatory system.

Sad news, we will miss you Brad & Karen!
Weld District judge upholds Dacono's deadline for shops closing GREELEY -- A Weld District judge on Thursday left in place Monday

Lemme guess this was an indica, for sweet dreams?
At Greyhound rest stop, Lamar cops find "abnormally heavy" pillow filled...

Pretty interesting story, one way to save on medicaid, right?
Is Marijuana an 'Exit Drug'? Study Suggests Some Are Taking It as a Substitute for Prescription Drug Three quarters of medical cannabis consumers report using it as a substitute for another substance.

National Forest land, story just in time for everything to be under 3-4 feet of snow!
Cracking down on pot farms in national forests For millions, getting out and enjoying national-forest land blends beauty with preservation. But Chris Strebig with the US Forest Service Office in Golden, some public lands have also become fertile ground for massive marijuana farms.

beware asset forfeture where no "person" is charged with a federal crime, only a location will be accused and appropriated. - Feds use forfeiture laws in medical marijuana cases MEDFORD, Ore. — Federal authorities are increasingly using asset-forfeiture laws to seize money and property from people they believe are exploiting Oregon's medical marijuana program.

we need to pay close attention to this case, and fight like hell to ensure that IMPAIRMENT remain the standard rather than blood nanograms.
So It Begins: Not-At-Fault Driver Charged With Marijuana DUI - Toke of the Town I-502 In Action: Cops Say Driver 'Technically At Fault' Because He Had THC In His System

This is pretty fucked up, if you and I cant advertise products we actually sell in this way, why can a liquor business advertise cannabis in such a misguided promotion of combined use of cannabis and alcohol. Booooooo, I call unfair double standards Mr Hickenlooper.

And now the sales! SALES Sales SALES!!! HELL YES! SAVINGS!
flavors that are being continued into the next month for january are Peppermint Peace (we still have lots of candy canes) and Holidank (just for this week until the sprinkles are used up, so if you want em...)

WE HAVE A new cheesecake flavor for January, or at least an old favorite is returning,
HOT TODDY CHEESECAKE! Gluten Free vanilla crust, caramel cheesecake, and topped with toffee bits! 85 Mg (purple label) wholesale $5. order by 7pm Monday and save 10% on each cake ordered!

Save 5% on all chocolates ordered by 7pm on Monday! 14 fun flavors, 3 medication levels, whooo hooo!

Help your patients get their new years diet off to a successful start with medicated savory nuts, 3 atkins/southbeach approved choices to relieve patient's pain and reward their mouths with awesome flavor. save 10% off all nuts ordered by 7pm on Monday. (if you want to do a special diet dealio, call me to work out details, 303 922 3661).

We are still offering the full sized customized 9 inch cheesecakes, so if you have a client who wants one for a superbowl party or some other event, please ask them to get their order in with plenty of notice (at least one week) so we can make the magic happen!
in A RELATED NOTE: we would like to team up with you to offer a special superbowl party kit of edibles, call me at 303 922 3661 to discuss options.

Get your orders in, we are gonna be crazy busy over here getting everything you need handmade with love to get deliveries made to everybody in a short holiday week, whew!

Thank you all for a great 2012, here's looking forward to a busy, beautiful, and dare we ask profitable 2013!

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans, Denver CO
303 922 3661


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