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All Things A64 with Jessica LeRoux - March 11, 2013

Hey Now,

Time to get geared up for legislative fight, the task force recommendations are due to be released today, but nothing is up at the DOR website yet this AM... the rec's are not set in law, so now is the time to make sure that the worst of the myopic mistakes are not codified into our laws. WE need letter writers and bodies to fill the capitol benches, which one are you?  Cannabis isnt free yet, do your part please!

TODAY! 3:30 pm Denver City Council meeting on recreational cannabis sign up for public comment 3pm sharp! 
Meeting Schedule of the Denver City Council for the weeks of March 11, 2013 and March 18, 2013.
The public may request from the Chair an opportunity to speak on these measures by contacting Legislative Services in advance at 720-337-2000, or by email at dencc@denvergov.org (please put “Public Comment Request” in the subject line).
Monday, March 11:
Please note there is public comment scheduled for Monday, March 11th in
the Special Issues: Amendment 64 Committee, and for Wednesday, March 13th in the Government and Finance
3:30 p.m.
Special Issues: Amendment 64. Members: Brown (Chair), Susman (Vice-Chair), Committee of the Whole (all 13 Councilmembers). Staff: Gretchen Williams. 1) Public comment on the implementation of Amendment 64 in Denver. See above for more information. 2) State Task Force recommendations and proposed legislation. 3) Invited Speakers: Dr. Christian Thurstone; Christian Sederberg, Esq.; Diane Carslon-Robinson. 3rd Floor Council Conference Room, Room 391, City & County Building.
*Sign up to speak between 3:00 - 3:15 p.m. in Room 391

MMED Rule Making 2013The process will continue once the Amendment 64 Task Force Report has been released
and we have a better understanding of if or how the MMED may be affected by 
the recommendations and the General Assembly's direction.  
Occupational Licensing
Requests for occupational licensing background checks made after
8:00AM, Thursday, March 7, 2013 will not be accommodated,
but we will continue to accommodate walk-in applicants when we are able to do so.   

If you have left a message requesting an appointment prior to 8:00AM, March 7th,
you will be contacted and an appointment scheduled.

I've already sent a letter of intent to these folks, you should too, these are the folks that will be critical to override the worst of the Task Force recommendations... Marijuana joint House and Senate committee announcedwww.gazette.comImplementation of a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational marijuana took a step forward... we must contact these ten people over and over each and every week... let them know that this is rediculous... 
Every recreational user in the state will be "protected" by having a 10mg limit on commercially prepared (but not what you make at home) edibles servings, with a 200 Mg servings cap... and those edibles will be sold in a tamperproof child safety sack even if you have no children, because your simple sovereign right to legal possession in your home, car or purse is now superceeded by the rights of the parents of the little shit who steals from your purse, car or home... can anybody explain just how a medical grade "safety" sack is gonna stop a kid that is old enough to commit breaking and entry, and why isn't that a greater crime?
These violations civil rights of extend to your front porch no longer being your private property but instead being open & public (these myopic fools never ever consider any property rights outside the suburban hell of the front range) and now you must double lock your indoor private residential cultivation even if you dont have kids, in case you allow a passing family into your house during a snow storm or some such scenario, in fact even if you post a no minors sign at your front door, you must double lock your grow in case kids break into your house. WOW just like we do with alcohol right?

no news is just that, neither good nor bad... just waiting, spinning wheels!

Governor Hypocritter is at it again, cause the 1140 down to 675 businesses that rebuilt decrepit unrentable slum buildings in marginalized neighbor hoods and the dozens of non tourism dependent year round rural jobs created allegedly do not enrich the state... http://www.businessinsider.com/hickenlooper-disappointed-with-legal-pot-2013-3

the latest stats from CDPHE... 

Oh Ms Bryce, is this what your parents spent so much money for J school for you to drivel out??? how do these nanogram numbers square out with DUID "science"... http://denver.cbslocal.com/2013/03/06/drug-testing-company-sees-spike-in-children-using-marijuana/

Coming Soon, rest stop pot drop boxes.... 
jeez folks just brush your teeth before you pass out!
This just in from the Partnership for a Drug Free America:Edible marijuana has never been approved or demonstrated to have an accepted medical use. No FDA-approved medicine comes in the form of "brownies" and these so-called "medibles" have been shown to cause an 800% increase in tooth decay. Said spokesperson Devin Habet, "It appears these new edible forms of marijuana are causing, by some unknown factor, an exponential increase in tooth decay in medical marijuana states. We've applied for $millions in government-backed funding to study the as-yet unexplored correlation between 'pot brownies' and the unprecedented strain these internationally-illegal products are placing on global dental care systems."
now we understand so much of the task force agenda.... we need to find new behaviors to criminalize to justify our prison investments... 

Ummm you are retired, go play golf, dick... 

This is where I'll be tuesday nights in coming months... helping out at home as well as state wide! MMm Mmm tastes like chicken! 

Holy fucking scam-ola!http://seekingalpha.com/article/1246961-medical-marijuana-inc-s-recent-transaction-and-guidance-raise-questions  how does this square with these facts pulled directly from the MMED website... 
12-43.3-307. Persons prohibited as licensees
(m) An owner, as defined by rule of the state licensing authority, who has not been a resident of Colorado for at least two years prior to the date of the owner’s application;
CHAPTER 9 --- State Licensees 
100’s --- General Disclosure Requirements
9.100 - Unlawful Financial Assistance. [Effective: 7/01/11]
A. Each license must be held by the owner of the licensed establishment. "Owner" means the person or persons whose proprietary interest is such that they bear risk of loss other than as an insurer, and have opportunity to gain profit from the operation or sale of the establishment.
In determining who is the owner, elements considered in addition to risk of loss and opportunity for profit include: (1) possession; (2) who controls the license; (3) who guarantees the establishment’s debts or production levels; (4) who is beneficiary under the establishment’s insurance policies; and (5) who acknowledges liability for the business’ federal, state, or local taxes.
D. A partnership interest, limited or general, a joint venture interest, ownership of a share or shares in a corporation or a limited liability company which is licensed, or having a secured interest in furniture, fixtures, equipment or inventory constitutes ownership and a direct financial interest. Each individual with this type of ownership or direct financial interest must have an appropriate license.

boo motherfucking hoo: grow up world, we did...

feeling Irish? me neither! Drinking is lame, but who cares, lets all eat some yummy green cannabis on the 17th, lots of fun, no hangovers!

they're little, they're green, they're outta this world... and they're back!!! 
Key Lime Cheesecakes, 85Mg THC, gluten free! Made with hand zested fresh key limes & a spicy gingersnap crust... 
A tasteful taste of green for St patties day, tinted only with Lime Zest, none of the fake dyes and flavors that ruin a good thing!
normally $5 wholesale, order by 7pm Monday the 11th and get 10% off your Key Limes! 

Lucky Bites! 240 Mg THC, 12 pieces 20Mg THC each three gourmet chocolate flavors to choose from.... fun to share! 
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Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans Denver CO 
303 922 3661 


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