Saturday, April 20, 2013

Walkabout at the Capitol for the annual Cowboy BBQ - April 19, 2013

 Although he is no longer in office (term-limited after four 2-year terms in the House) and is not running for anything, Wes McKinley (D - Walsh) continued his tradition of a cowboy BBQ east of the Capitol on Friday. The legislators and staffs lined up for the Kirkwell Cattle Co.'s delicious free hamburgers.

McKinley looked relaxed. 

The sibling team of Random Notes provided both classical and western music.
I walked south of where the BBQ was being held to talk to the workers. These are the guys responsible for putting up the scaffolding around the dome and they are rightfully proud of it.

I hope to get up there to film before they put the rest of the wrapping up. BTW, they didn't raise enough in donations to pay for this project so, we, the taxpayers, are footing the bill. It is necessary maintenance and it's going to look real nice.


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