Monday, April 15, 2013

Its Colorado's 1st legal 4/20 - from Jessica LeRoux

Now please celebrate in a limo, a taxi, a bus or on foot!

On monday April 22nd the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee will be meeting to discuss proposed bill HB13-1114 the "THC DUID" bill. The timing is not lacking in irony. Whether you are a long time resident or a visitor to Colorado during this awesome and exciting week, please please please be responsible if you choose to drive. We anticipate increased stops of motorists for minor infractions such as headlights and windshield cracks during the entire "holiday weekend". Please make sure your entire vehicle is in proper working order, from bumper to bumper and most importantly do not smoke while behind the wheel. The last thing we need is for law enforcement to walk into the hearing monday with a stack of alleged THC impairment encounters from the 4/20 weekend. Please do not engage in any behavior to contribute statistics to justify a knee jerk reaction to A-64 at the capitol on Monday morning.

Here's hoping you have a fantastic 4/20 in Colorado. Please do your part to set a shining example of what is possible if adults are given the right to responsible use of Cannabis.


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