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ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux - July 28, 2013

Jessica LeRoux

I told Althea I was feeling lost, lacking in some direction… Althea told me, upon scrutiny that my back might need protection.

July 28, 2013 at 1:20pm
Hey Now,

This link will take you to archived audio files of the meetings so you can hear the incompetence of those who claim to represent you 1st hand… 

ALERT ALERT ALERT: 2 big stumbling blocks #1 In Thursday's MED meeting Judy Steele from Denver Excise said that in Denver there will NOT be virtual seperation nor dual use licensing for locations currently licensed as MMCs or others potentially in the city. WAKE UP!
#2 recreational rule making includes plans to overlay these new rules onto medical businesses… they disguised this agenda by calling the group medical differentiation but this is on the website: MED 2013 permanent rule making of REVISED MEDICAL MARIJUANA RULES

from the meetings: Fuck! it was like watching a think tank debate where everybody is missing chromosomes... I kept expecting somebody to interject "i like pudding" or "math is hard" .... 
My chest hurts, my head hurts, my heart breaks for the dream of legal cannabis regulation.

The pompous talking heads that supposedly represent you and me in the rule making process are so inadequately prepared and unable to spout anything other than a strip of interests as narrow as their profit margins which is insulting to watch. The "SMART CO" scientist/doctor on Tuesday's panel confidently claimed that cannabis causes an 8 point drop in IQ, prefrontal cortex damage in babies exposed prenatally, addiction issues start to emerge in children exposed to cannabis as infants as early as 6 years of age… and on and on she went sighting studies that are 30 years old or not peer reviewed… but not one of the packaging and safety experts from our side refuted a single study or provided any correlated science in retort, instead they proposed a ridiculous "highest lab test of the week" solution, (Proposed by a known mg numbers scammer no less, and not refuted by a butane sprayer who is very proud on the record of the homogeneousness of their surface sprayed product!!! ) well done profiteers! The same dream team spent 20 minutes debating how to show the degradation over time of THC at room temperature (HA! who looks silly for short shelf lives and refrigeration of her products now!) and how that would be projected on the labels. 

Per Thursday's meeting ALL employees must have a badge before they work a single day, how will that impact your MMC, MIPs or OPC if an employee leaves w/o notice or becomes injured? Can you make it for weeks if you are down a body? Is this fair to all licensed locations everywhere in the state? Id like all of you no matter where you are located to show solidarity against the unfair lottery system for badges… link here and Write a comment saying the MED must guaranty that any applicant will be vetted for the badge within 36 hours of making a call to the state for an appointment and be open 7 days a week within 2 hours of any licensee's physical location if they want to implement this rule… (sometimes you just have to meet unreasonable concepts with a "reasonable" implementation timeline request in return to show them the error of non-thinking) Michelle LaMay makes a good point: With $2,132,106.00 in state sales tax collected just LAST QUARTER from mj sales, and dumped into the general fund, you'd think they'd put on some temps, but, heh, they're over in the craft beer division...

More painful ignorance on badging: Thursday's working group agreed at the 1.25 hour mark that badged vendors would have to be supervised by badged employees while doing contract work ei trimming or HVAC etc... at the 3.5 hour mark 20 minutes was spent discussing ramifications of badged vendors making deliveries... #1 will it be a short bus full of employees riding along with the delivery service? #2 seriously in 20 minutes not one panelist remembered what they all agreed about supervision? #3 a 20 minute debate where not one panelist had it dawn on them to bring up legal liability in the chain of command… such as the big question of is the MIPs or the Center liable for any product when a product becomes compromised for food safety or goes missing during transport??? FUCK!

let me get this straight? per state law Im forced to use a unregulated laboratory which has no oversight of calibration of machinery much less accuracy efficacy or even sanitation... that laboratory has the right to research my products without my express permission... that laboratory has the right to develop "new" products based on their research of MY intellectual property... there is no penalty for a lab that provides false results either through error or willfully (in fact the state has no reliable calibration either and is not even capable of determining if there is a likely error)... well who wants to buy my MIPs so I can open a lab? again use this link to write in and say: the Industry requires state calibrated standards for any state required tests, no unauthorized research, no independent product development, state oversight of labs to ensure accuracy of state calibrated samples and use of system, and stringent protection of intellectual property on products submitted. The state can't force use of labs unless the testing is across the board guaranteed to some agreed upon level of variance and overseen to ensure a labs compliance with the system parameters… 

lastly: a rule that says you have to "virtually" separate all product ingredients in a manufacture facility, does that mean the bags of flour, eggs, and a tiny bottle of vanilla extract, or just the raw cannabis? Nobody on the panel asked until the meeting was over and I brought it up when we were doing public comment, great!

a personal aside about the 5 meetings Ive attended: If my exorbatent fees were lowered a bit maybe the MMED & DOR would be forced to turn their air conditioning to a more reasonable temperature setting than North Pole and I could afford to AC my kitchen in the first damned place, shame shame the wolves are still wearing wool in summer and we pay to keep them cool like fucking sheep. 

Out on the road my tom tom network is drumming up a din of rumblings of MED & DEA tandem operations witnessed by reliable sources in at least 3 locations in different parts of the state concerning some known industry parties… We had heard there would be 5 groups who would likely get indicted like the gang from Jane medicals i wrote about here 3 weeks or so ago… but then the momentum stalled for what i speculate will be proven political reasons… I think there is deliberate delay to allow these corrupt fat cats to buy up more small fry during these trying times so the DEA can kill more licensed locations and claim widespread corruption in states that allow sales of cannabis, all the while they watched the law breakers crush the honest operators with unfair compitition and allowed the gangrene to spread on purpose… or will the man delay till closer to elections to ensure enforcement results are fresh in voters minds come tabor excise vote time? either way if you have been on the fence over a deal with a big boy, wait it out till new years by any method you can and save yourself the potential of sinking with an overloaded ship of fools.

OUR State cannabis spotlight… 

Health Science and quality of life! 

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National Cannabis Ass-kicking in both directions: 

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