Monday, July 22, 2013


by Dave Felice

Does City Councilman Chris Herndon really think it's a good idea to revive the stadium tax so the city can provide dedicated tax money to a private foundation to give scholarships? Since when is it the city's responsibility to be in the scholarship granting business?

And if we have a dedicated tax for scholarships, what's to stop other public and private organizations from asking for a dedicated tax revenue to support operations, such as libraries, parks, food and shelter, or any other "special district"?

Furthermore, if the Denver Scholarship Foundation (backed by Teflon John Hickenlooper and oil billionaire Tim Marquez) is running out of money, how does that become OUR problem?

Education is critical! Scholarships are essential. But increasing taxes and funneling the money to a private foundation isn't the way to success. Perhaps if the school district made better use of the massive amount of money it already has, government wouldn't have to be asking taxpayers for yet another flawed attempt at redemption.

We need better accountability and success before we start throwing more money at the problems.


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