Wednesday, October 23, 2013


We've already found a glitch in the MITS system: System to track and regulate cannabis isnt even on line yet and we already have a major security breach in the website to set up owners to take the classes to learn to use the incomplete system. Holy FUCK! Not only is the website not secured, in and of that anybody can use it even if they are not in the CO cannabis industry in any way shape or form... BUT once you enter a license number (it could be found on any packaging, maybe in the trash, or on many industry websites), if you enter any badge number into the system that turns out to be a valid badge, that badge holders name automatically is filled in... giving persons with no business or right to know access to the name of virtually every person who has ever been badged in the state of Colorado... LEOs can be playing with the system right now, so can identity thieves… Oh and since the manifest system for transport of cannabis has never been secure now black marketers have access to the names and badge numbers they can plug into a manifest and carry their weight from border to border w/o a LEO getting a clue… great! 

MED/FRANWELL you are all completely INCOMPETENT.

got questions, go play with the system yourself, you will get names quick if you know how the badges are numbered… 


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