Monday, May 12, 2014

The future of the City Park West Neighborhood Organization (CPWNO)

Dear City Park West Neighborhood Organization members,
I am writing today to discuss the future of the CPWNO. Many of you know that I took on the role of
president to accomplish three things: to fulfill the responsibility of sharing information from the city via email and by hosting representatives at the meetings, to build a stronger community by increasing
membership and partnering with other community groups, and to organize and conduct community
events with an emphasis on service.
At this point in time I believe I have achieved some of these goals. I have included a timeline of the
organization from the first reformation meetings to date. As a group we have accomplished many great things and made great progress towards these goals.
However, as I have learned firsthand, it is quite difficult to achieve many of these goals without
financing and an established organizational and communication structure. It is with this thought in mind that I believe we should dissolve our organization and participate in one of the two other organizations that share our boundaries - Uptown on the Hill and Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods, Inc. I have provided contact information for both organizations at the end of this letter. However, if there is anyone that would like to continue with this organization I will gladly pass on the information required for continued operation.

It is my intent to focus my energy towards the betterment of our neighborhood through these means
and I urge all of you to participate as well. I would like you all to know it was with great thought that
that I came to this decision. I sincerely believe that our community can benefit the most through
participation with these organizations.
I will remain available to all via email and please do not hesitate to contact me with community ideas or concerns.
Best Regards,
Ean Tafoya

Dec-12 Made contact with the City to seek neighbors for CPWNO
Jan-13 Made Contact with Community Planning, Mayor's Office, and District 8 Office
Feb-13 Began Meeting as small reorganization group (bi weekly)
Mar-13 Continued Bi-weekly meetings
Apr-13 Continued Bi-weekly meetings
May-13 Continued Bi-weekly meetings/Solicited and developed Logo
Jun-13 Distributed Flyers with 1st Meeting and BlockbyBlock
Jul-13 1st Meeting - Distributed Flyers to residents/ Registered the RNO with City
Aug-13 Featured in Life on Capitol Hill - Conducted BlockbyBlock Clean up (3
Sep-13 Meeting to discuss next steps and survey results/Discussed 22nd and Marion
rezoning Oct-13 Held Elections/Discussed Funding and SOS affiliation/22nd and Marion rezoning
Nov-13 Submitted SustainableNeighborhoods Application/Discussed 22nd and Marion
Dec-13 No Meeting Held
Jan-14 Renewed RNO Application/ Discussed not being chosen for Sustainable
Neighborhood Program/Chose City Park Loop Focus Group Members
Feb-14 Hosted Parks and Rec and the Denver Police/Discussed partnerships with other
RNO's/VP Resigns
Mar-14 Discussed Collaboration with Uptown on the Hill/City Park Loop/ Central
Recreation Center
Apr-14 Host Robin Kniech/Denver Police/Auditors Office/Complete Flyer for Outreach

Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods Inc.
303.830.1651 President – Frank Locantore 303-895-6377
Uptown on the Hill
Neighborhood 2 Representatives
Jill Locantore & Alison Torvik


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