Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Truth Will Out - Councilwoman Marcia Johnson, IRG, and the very polluted Lowry Vista site

by Gerald Trumbule

Thanks to Glen Richardson of the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle and the work of Assistant Attorney General for Colorado Jennifer Robbins, it looks like the truth may finally be told regarding this rotten and highly polluted deal rammed down the throats of citizens back in 2008 - 2012. Be sure to read all of the sordid details in this article if you are concerned about the backroom deals going on, even now.
I've compiled a playlist of the videos I posted on this subject at the time, thanks to the efforts and urging of Adrienne Anderson. One thing I remember distinctly is the description of how even the trees in the proposed development were going to have to be planted in below-grade concrete boxes to keep them separate from the polluted ground.

It may take time, but maybe there is still hope that eventually "the truth will out".


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