Thursday, June 5, 2014

Notes from the New Drug War by Jessica LeRoux

Ed. note: The words of Jessica LeRoux are posted here without editorial interference, just as received . If you are easily offended, read with caution.

Dear Drug Pig Fucks, 

Today you should just stop doing any work, go home, and polish up your resume... You made a bad career choice and its time to start planning your next move. You arent any different than the rest of the folks working at walmart and no more entitled to a job. We are changing the laws state by state & nationwide and pulling the rug right out from under your smug bullying asses. And if you havent moved on and mended your ways by the time the last gig is up, well we might just have some retribution to hand over.

and regarding Maureen Dowd's recent experience:

The state couldn't protect Maureen Dowd, because the MED doesn't enforce their own current retail packaging rules... the CDPHE couldn't save her either, because she never even gave a cursory glance at their million dollar plus educational website... *
Media blames the industry, nobody asks where reading up on the facts came into this "journalist's" research process...
* im just glad the Hick is getting such a great return for our state with the money he is allocating for enforcement & education, it would be a real shame if there was negative publicity based on mis-steps on that front.

copy of my letter to the editor of the NYTimes:
Why isn't so called journalist Maureen Down including any information in this story about the culpability of the Colorado cannabis enforcement agency, the MED? MED retail cannabis rules have been published at their website since October 2013… research of the rules clearly state that there were problems with the packaging Ms Dowd purchased, so why are all the sins being heaped on the manufacturer if in fact neither the enforcement agency nor the seller have inspected the products being offered in CO licensed shops? We are 155 days into this process, and the state has a mere 40 or so licensed manufacturers of edibles, we have twice that many enforcement employees yet not ONE inspection of labeling has been preformed. If consumers are reliant on packaging to inform them of safe practices, it would seem negligence on the part of LEO is at least as worrisome as the lack of packaging.
Here is a link to the entire set of Rules, (please note these are just the retail rules, there is a different 120 or so pages for Medical rules)
it would be nice if you could have an NYT Intern read them and spew them back, second hand even, to some of your so called stars before they write on this topic in the future…

and I've included a screen shot of the relevant portion of the rules for edibles packaging… you will note that the only item HIGHLIGHTED in these rules is the dosage information…

So how bout a story that details the "F" the MED received in 2013 in their state audit, or more tellingly the fact that the Audit for 2014 that was mandated in 2013 to be preformed before the 2014 legislative session ended was never ever preformed. The fact is the cannabis business licensees are often more on the up and up than the enforcers, with 4 top agents leaving for million dollar cannabis consulting gigs before retirement in the past 2 years…

Jessica LeRoux,
Grant CO


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Good to see you back on the BlogSpot Jessica! I'm hanging in there with you and your feedback on the Colorado cannabis industry is most welcome in my opinion! Love the rage, bring it!