Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What will it take before the people are provoked into action?

Opinion by Gerald Trumbule

The insults perpetrated upon us by our government seem to be growing in size and frequency. Here, and around the world, governments are pounding their people in so many ways I hesitate to even start to enumerate:
1. Continuous inflation, which we are told is normal at 3% and which is actually more like 9% and much higher in many sectors (education, healthcare), and which, by the way, is unconstitutionally controlled by a cabal of bankers called the FED. Add in negative interest rates and bail-ins (confiscation of what used to be your money) and you've got yourself a teetering house of cards with our currency headed for the ash heap.
2. Continuous warfare abroad, which, to say nothing of the horror being droned down on "the enemy", is constantly adding to the underclass of used-up American warriors, physically and mentally maimed for life, requiring care which was promised and is not delivered. Now in the millions, but the money goes instead to the Military-Industrial-Security Complex.
3. Terror hysteria at home, (TSA, DHS, DEA, NSA).
4. Militarization of police departments with equipment and training promoting the population as an enemy - bringing the wars home. Add in asset forfeiture and excessive force to sweeten the deal.
5. Administration of excessive psychoactive drugs to the entire population, especially kids,
6. Perpetuation of an "education system" designed to reduce bright healthy newborns, capable of becoming geniuses with proper care and nurture, to low-level plodding workers, who can easily be denied "jobs", for which they will then clamor.
7. Enforced poverty through the denial of a living wage without cost-of-living increases, sped up by the destruction of unions.
8. Government instilled inequality of races and sexes to instill hatred among the people of "the other". 9. Cutting "benefits" which we have already earned.
10. Perpetuating torture in our name.
11. Allowing and even promoting the pervasive and continual degradation of the planet to our eventual detriment and demise. Nuclear testing has raised the "background" radiation of the entire planet. The oceans are dying, right now. The 6th extinction is upon us. Most astonishing, here in Denver, is the delivery of Lowry Landfill toxins to our parks and lakes.
12. Incarceration of citizens by government reaching astonishing levels in the U.S., highest in the world, with the destruction of families, creation of gangs and continuing denial of rights as additional spin-offs.
13 Creation of a set of rules and regulations, the size of which is unknowable, which we must obey and are subject to incarceration or fines if we transgress. Now we are even subject to secret laws and courts, and remember, "ignorance of the law is no excuse".
14. Mass evictions from homes which creates more poverty for the benefit of the banks.
15. Deregulation of business to allow more of the same.

I'm getting tired of adding to this list and I'm guessing you are too and I know you could add another 10 or 20 items yourself anyway.

The question is - How long are we going to put up with all this? And, if and when we stop putting up with it, what are we going to start doing instead? Hmmm...maybe we should give this some thought before it comes washing over us and wakes us up with a giant startle.

Here's one answer: the pitchforks.


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