Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Hi Skyler,
I really do appreciate your following up on the Audit questions Ive been asking for months. I want any info we can get about both MED & CDPHE and why exactly they are over 120 days late… I know you mentioned something about legislative mandate not bearing upon the audit committee, and Im curious why the legislators can "mandate" something they have no authority over, sounds like more empty CO political promises from the perspective of me the people!

Attached are the 2013 performance audits for MED and CDPHE vis-a-vis marijuana. Can you clarify if these are what you're looking for, or is there a more recent audit? I don't mean to split hairs – I'm just relatively new at my job and want to make sure you get the exact information that you're looking for.


Thanx Skyler,
Its the fact that I've read these 2013 reports with a fine toothed comb (and attended the hearings), that makes me hanker after the promised follow up 2014 audits of BOTH MED & CDPHE. These follow up audits had a legislative mandate that they should be completed prior to the end of the 2014 session (may 7th) so that legislators would have adequate time to react and legislate appropriate changes if necessary.
But just to cite one very simple straight forward example in the audit of the MED/DOR, the state audit board in 2013 found in finding #3 that state mandated "badging" for employees was wasteful of both time and finances for both the MED & Licensed Employers and the MED agreed to correct the problem by March 2014 or drop the badging process, here we are fully 6 months later, and the badging process is still several weeks to complete for new hires (or longer for some rural areas).
Tuesday you and I discussed the "loop holes" that allow the Audit board not to be completely "enslaved" to a legislative time table… so I'd like the data you told me you had about that, Im sure part of the problem concerns embattled former Audit Board chair Steve King… as well as any status reports from the audit board about the status of both of those follow up audits at this time.
I appreciate your looking into this most disturbing matter, I know its a rabbit hole, Ive been following up on it since mid-April or so when the time to react was running out, with out a single answer.
Jessica LeRoux


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