Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Notes from the New Drug War by Jessica LeRoux - Sept 17, 2014

ONE of the things that really has the panties I should be wearing in a bunch from yesterday's demoralizing CBOH/CDPHE hearing is that the transfer of the medical marijuana registry database from CDPHE's 1/2 hearted HIPPA control, to the do-nothing DOR (who openly admit they share their data with law enforcement) was not objected to more vigorously. I did get my discomfort with that fact into my comments, but the caregiver access issue overwhelmed the day.
the DOR only has jurisdiction over business & taxes, not private individuals exercising their constitutional rights...

I had an epiphany last night, Why did the CBOH/ completely ignore the will of a chamber full of protesting parents? Because they are eugenicists. Look at history, CDPHE is steeped in a culture of hating the medical marijuana registry & its patients going back to the previous director... They actually have the audacity to veiw the very citizens they are supposed to serve as genetically flawed, or so stupid we've critically injured ourselves to the point were we arent worth saving, much less passing our genetic material forward... Wolk has a life long indoctrination of viewing a variety of people as lesser and undeserving, currently the company he founded prior to his job at CDPHE (and he's still involved with CHC) Correctional Healthcare Companies is being sued in serveral states and for the 3rd time in denver alone for negilgence toward the Inmates (64% on drug charges, mostly pot) he is Responsible for. Wolk has made a tidy profit off of locking folks away and has a long term co-dependant relationship with private for profit prisons... If we thought the LEO collusion from Burbach & Urbina was bad, CDPHE merely doubled down when those two were forced to resign....


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