Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Next South City Park Neighborhood Association Meeting includes City Park Playground Proposal

When: Wednesday, November 19th
Time: 7-9pm
Where: Bluebird Theater (3317 E. Colfax)

Meeting Agenda
1) SCPNA Officers Election – 30-45 minute Q&A with members posing questions to our various candidates.
2) City Park Playground Proposal – We will consider a proposal to re-engage city agencies about replacing the Dustin Redd playground. Instead of regional destination scaled playground like what was proposed with the City Loop, this proposal asks for something that is just the scale of the existing playground and picnic area. To see the entire proposal, please visit www.scpna.org where it will posted.
3) Neighborhood updates on recent notifications about liquor license applications, potential property redevelopments, and other news from the newsletter. Some discussion to follow on these items.
4) Open conversation where members can discuss neighborhood issues for the remainder of the meeting.
5) Lost Lake after-meeting party where members will receive free admission to see The Soil and The Sun.

We would like to re-engage Denver Parks and Recreation regarding replacing the Dustin Redd playground at City Park with a 1 to 2 acre community-scaled playground and not a regional destination scaled playground as proposed previously. The new playground should be ADA compliant, constructed with modern materials designed to survive with minimal maintenance for a number of years, as well as be engaging and exciting for the next generation of children that will play on it.

Our goals are:
* Budget for the design of the project in 2016
* Design the project in 2017
* Budget for construction of the project in 2018.
* Construct the project in 2018. Further, we would like on-going maintenance of the new playground to be included in the City Park budget.

Since this will be a community-scaled playground, the neighborhoods adjacent to City Park agree to actively participate in the design and creation of the new playground. We commit to electing or assigning representatives from each of the undersigned groups to work with the Denver Parks and Recreation.

The original creation of the Dustin Redd playground is an example of a vibrant community coming together to create an amazing playground which is used by thousands of families today. Our hope is to engage the same vibrant community to recreate a more modern playground. It is only fitting that this playground would continue to be called the Dustin Redd playground.
Together, we can create a new playground.


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