Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The University of Colorado, through its federally-funded ARTS (Addiction Research and Treatment Services) program, has recently opened a drug dispensary at 1620 Gaylord Street. For additional posts on this blog go here, here, and here.
Without examining the disparity between the official attitude regarding cannabis dispensaries and methadone dispensaries, it is easy to see (above) that ANY drug dispensary within an official DRUG FREE SCHOOL ZONE is prohibited.
At a meeting of the nearby neighbors (11/10/14), the ARTS staff and the property owner, Victor Kolouch of Kolouch Properties, LLC, the Drug Free School Zone issue was raised. Program Director Angela Bonagudi stated that "our program is exempt."
Clients wait in line for methadone at 1620 Gaylord St.

It is not as if this property is unknown to the East High School students. For years they have used this parking lot as a place to smoke pot. Just last week approximately 30 students showed up for a fight. It looked like a "flash mob" to me. I called 911 but before I could even finish answering the operator's questions, the mob dispersed.
The neighbors want this drug dispensary closed. The tenant (ARTS) has a 4-year lease with the owner (Kolouch Properties).
Update 11/12/14: Apparently snow drives addicts crazy. Had 5 people try to park on my lot this morning. One person, standing on my lot, told me he did not have to move because he wasn't a car. His partner, in a wheel-chair, came out of the dispensary and called me a "real asshole".
I'll be publishing a list of names and phone numbers for you to call if you are concerned about this drug dispensary in the East High "drug-free zone".