Tuesday, January 27, 2015


by Gerald Trumbule
Regular readers of DenverDirect are familiar with the words of Jessica LeRoux, who generously allows us to repost her insightful musings on the cannabis scene in Colorado (see her regular "Notes From the New Drug War" on this blog). As editor of DD, I take great delight in publishing her words unedited, because her Kerouacian style is so forceful. We don't make any money here at DenverDirect. so I can't pay her for her efforts. But finally she has arranged for you to make a direct donation to her incessant lobbying efforts on the behalf of cannabis patients. A GoFundMe campaign has been started to which you can donate directly here.

Your lobbyist at the Capitol
Jessica LeRoux is 100% committed to Patients, it is her core belief that if you are lucky enough to make your living from the limited funds available to a MMJ patient, it is your duty to give back of your time and get down to the capitol personally to protect the rights of those patients and safeguard their access to their medicine, for EVERY patient in Colorado. Jessica is passionate about access to affordable medicine, the caregiver program, and protecting the patient doctor relationship. No activist has been more vocal in their critism of corruption within the MED & CDPHE, if you want legislators and government regulatory agencies to be held accountable for their shortcomings you can count on Jessica! Ms LeRoux was one of the original Cannabis Caregivers of Colorado with Ken Gorman started in 2003; in fact Jessica is Colorado’s very own Cheesecake Lady, a well known Marijuana activist and trusted fixture on the local concert scene for many years. Extra Medicated~Extra Deadicated!
So come on people, time to pay it forward.


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