Thursday, January 29, 2015

WALKABOUT - 17TH AND YORK - Jan. 29, 2015

by Gerald Trumbule
I've previous mentioned the proposed one-block development of apartments on York St. from 17th to 18th Ave. This morning I took a walk down to the site, starting with the former filling station (now brake shop) at 17th and York.

I noticed an sign in the front window:
Let's hope that no one derails this demolition with a claim that this is an "historical structure". Recently this has become an impediment to new development. Just because a building was built before 1955 does not, in my opinion, mean that it is of "historical importance" and should be preserved. Tear it down and dig out the gasoline storage tanks I presume are still buried there. 

Next in line, going north on York, you'll find this never successful little building. Good riddance. 

Then there are two buildings which have always been underutilized. (When I say "always" I am speaking of my experience over the last 45 years in this neighborhood. Yes, I am really old.)

And this giant tree, in front of the buildings.

Although I risk the wrath of some "never cut down an old tree" folks, it should go, because it has grown way out of proportion to the setting. It won't look good in front of the new development, and new trees should (will) be planted to replace it.
Next is this nondescript building. Enough said.

And finally, at 18th and York, the "United We Stand" building (the sign went up shortly after 9/11). Currently a methadone clinic run by ARTS, its time has come. 

So, in total, we have an ugly, underutilized block that will hopefully emerge as a new, revitalized block of 180 apartments housing 300 people.

1700 block on York BEFORE...


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