Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Denver Votes at Manual High - No Drama

After two years of campaign drama, I figured I had to go out and shoot some footage of voters actually voting, so I went to Manual High. Poll workers told me that there had been lines at 7:00 am of people anticipating lines who had arrived early to avoid lines. Once those people voted there were no lines. The four electronic voting machines had gone down briefly earlier in the day, but while I was there, no one was using them. Seems everyone wanted a paper ballot. One first-hand story from a poll-worker who received a call telling her to go to a different location from the one she had been assigned. Another round of calls from headquarters straightened that out, but it appeared that a "dirty trickster", who may have had a list of the assignments, was trying to gum up the works. Ed. Note: That's Shanekua Lewis studying the lengthy ballot while baby sleeps.


  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    It was a fairly smooth election.

    That said, since the mail in ballot part was so successful, I wonder if the next logical move is to go to an all mail in format.

    This would be considerably cheaper.