Sunday, November 16, 2008

"A landfill that will take monitoring forever and ever."

Attending an International Risk Group (IRG) public forum on the proposed Lowry Vista project is an exercise in futility, as the event is controlled by a slick IRG visual presentation, and the public is limited as to what subjects are “appropriate” for discussion. The meeting held Nov. 14, 2008, was worse than usual because most of the slides were unreadable, taken directly from the General Development Plan being submitted. But when the floor was opened for discussion, the fireworks broke out. Marcia Johnson gave her version of the history of the of this 80-acre former Air Force toxic waste dump. Interestingly, she said the site was a “landfill that would take monitoring forever and ever”. If, as IRG claims, there is nothing dangerous in the landfill, why would it have to be monitored forever and ever? Anne Calliston, herself an expert in this history, could not contain her disdain for Johnson’s defense of the project. For more on this project, click here. If IRG gets its way, I can imagine what a Lowry Vista resident might endure. Knock, knock. Yes? I'm here to check the radiation levels in your condo. Come on in, but don't wake the baby, she hasn't been feeling well lately.


  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    A likely mistaken assumption:

    Since IRG attempts to deny there's any radiation there that's not "naturally occurring" (false), they'll likely do NO MONITORING, so residents would be on their own;

    No doubt IRG is trying to get this project going under the wire while the corrupt Bush administration and its polluter-controlled EPA will look the other way.

    For now, it's buyer beware.

    Lowry residents should be howling over this, since their city councilwoman seems to be in IRG's pocket (maybe it's because IRG has filled her campaign pockets?)

    Follow the money.