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All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux - Sept. 17, 2012

Hey Now, 

Long week  out driving on the road, including a trip to a distant Veterinarian after hours (read this as "please order copiously"!) Panama's busted tail is OK now but the bills are untimely.)  but now after being home for just under 9 hours and passing out on the couch for a while, Im back to write y'all a semi-belated letter, not that there is a deadline on doing this since I just do it to share info with y'all... Since I am techincally late you have till Tuesday (hush hush) at noon to get your weekly sales deals locked in... but we do have our fair share of news this week so get your reading glasses out! 

Y'all may be aware that today is the final deadline day for the most recent 10 recipients of the "letters" to close their doors. Wishing solidarity and safe passage to a new location ASAP for all those effected. Brace yourselves for one more round of letters "for the election".... 

Big BS in the so called peoples republic of Boulder these days.... 
Isnt making the fees ungodly expensive for the handful of businesses allowed to survive an unfair burden, after all the City could have worked WITH the businesses instead of wholesale throwing quite a few babies out with the bathwater, hardly the fault of the good eggs is it?
and while they're at it why not shop at the Denver dept of free speech violations?  
for that matter Who cares about democracy? Who cares about safety? Who wants to go to Winefest?  

really who can blame the regents when the people who print the blue book blatantly bias the information sent to voters, kinda a lame backfire since few folks read the blue book vs listen to the radio news... or Marijuana: Amendment 64 backers lose Blue Book fight, rip government deception

not to mention our lovely Governor Mcbrewpub who on the same day he slammed the yet undecided issue before voters (kinda undemocratic Mr Beerfunds) awarded the 2012 Governor’s Award* for Downtown Excellence to Greeley folks for their progressive and profitable plan to promote recurring public drunkenness with a "Go Cup" program so folks can carry a drink around the streets.... but you cant buy medicine if you are a terminal patient living in greeley.... gotta go to Garden City, thank goodness. 

and of course the folks who write these blue books are possible former colleagues and friends of the guys who still peddle this kinda mis-information... (see below regarding Steve King...) although I will take this opportunity to point out that the only two people on the MMED's advisory panel who voted for PPM of mildew to be ZERO were myself and the chief of the DPD (not one MMIG or NCIA member wanted to sacrifice their profits for safety) Marijuana grows: Bad-as-meth-labs claim based on clown science?blogs.westword.comOfficials with the Colorado Drug Investigators Association yesterday announced the results of a study that showed the potential dangers...  not just here but in Europe too... Cannabis trade worse than that of Class A drugs, senior police officer warns - for the growing and selling of cannabis must be toughened in order to stem a growing tide in gang related violence, a senior police officer has warned.

this leads to proirities like these, 2 officers saw the pot field from the plane before it crashed, and the guys on the ground are still searching for the "perps"... very sad waste of lives and tax payor funds.... Cops found another marijuana field prior to tragedywww.chieftain.comTwo Pueblo lawmen found what they were looking for before their air mission in the Wet Mountains turned fatal.

and of course this leads to the kind of thinking that resists Science! so guess what's back months before the session begins, which is basically a reminder before the election to the people who love Mr King, (prison guards, for profit prisons, secondary services) that he is gonna secure their jobs in this crap-ass economy... Colo. lawmakers revisit marijuana DUI standard - The Denver Post or 

but this has nothing, not one bit to do with safety, actually it is directly related to the guaranteed fill rate for profit prisons are demanding of their schills like King.... Private purchasing of prisons locks in occupancy rateswww.usatoday.comA private prison management company is offering to buy prisons in exchange for various considerations, such as mandatory occupancy rates.
here's the real 12 million jobs in the Romney plan, not much chance to advance, but hell they should generate plenty of profits for his buddies the Koch bros... Factory owners: Federal prisoners stealing our businesswww.infowars.comCNN | Unicor's prisons pay inmates as little as 23 cents an hour to make goods for the Pentagon and other federal agencies.

I know I called this when I linked the OG Paul Ryan story last week... 

Fuckin A that was a long string of shit, lets sweeten this read up with some SALES! 

New Freekin 115Mg Product... MAS Y MAS... finally a spicy latin themed chocolate offering with a name to offer long overdue tribute to LA rockers Los Lobos!!! a partner for the strong selling Triple Crowns so now there will be two pink label chocolates! Mas Y Mas is a layer of dark chocolate, a layer of chipolte pepper infused milk chocolate with sweet dried cherries, more dark chocolate, and roasted salted pepitas (pumpkin seeds). Eiii es caliente! the capsicum from the chipolte pepper is a natural pain reliever and they're Gluten Free too!  Wholesale is $6.50 but if you order by noon tuesday the 18th you will get them for just $6.00 each... (limit 12 please).  

We just picked up 80lbs of Colorado grown Organic Apples to use in our new fresh frozen Take and Baked Apple Crisp, a VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE, 275Mg active THC, delicious & heart healthy edible treat Patients can bake up bubbly, toasty and piping hot in their own home oven, no work, no mess... We are proud to bring you another chance to get irresponsibly overmedicated on responsibly sourced ingredients! MMCs must have a freezer to retail this item, wholesale cost is $9 each. Order by Noon tuesday and get $0.25 off each crisp you order. 

Last Week for Key Lime... really until March... We just used them limes up and that is that, we have enough for this week, so get your Lime in time before the option is no longer prime! Wholesale is $5.00

Sale on German Chocolate cheesecakes this week, order by Noon on Tuesday the 18th and get them for $4.75 each! 

Chocolates on sale: this week get $0.35 off each of the following flavors.... Almond Bros 65mg, Ladies 65mg, Dark Stars 65mg, West Evans Fade Aways 85mg, Soul Shines 85mg.... order today to lock in your savings!  

Healthy Savings: 
10% off Nantucket Nugget bars (orange cranberry chia) 
10% off Balsamic Walnuts (perfect in salad, with spinach, feta and sliced apples).  

Okey Dokey, that should be enough politics and sales to provide some lively conversations for the week! 

Ok, Have a fucking great Week.... Today is the actual 3rd anniversary of Twirling Hippy Confections becoming a legal LLC, so please ask your patients to join us in celebrating our birthday today with a cheesecake! 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans denver co
303 922 3661 


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