Sunday, September 9, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux - Sept 9, 2012

Hey Now, 

First frost of the season on the ground this morning, I guess I dont have 6 more weeks of high altitude tent camping to stretch the distance delivery budget in my future, more likely snow is looming! Oh well, various CO couches here we come! lots of lil piddly news this week, which is fine after last week where we spent entirely too much time changing the "drama diapers". I think it is interesting and encouraging that the MMED has not posted a ruling concerning the common ownership issues we were discussing last week on their website yet. Lets all hope that this means they are reviewing and revising their decision in light of the many negative ramifications. 
*just a reminder that this is the delivery week for all points south, get your orders in ASAP, esp in the springs. I am doing this now to give you the extra day! 

I think this is good news. strength in numbers and all... 

I stumbled on this searching for the MMED ruling on co-ownership. I dunno if you've seen this slightly older posting on the MMED website concerning the 120 day rule. it seems after the original panel spent months discussing this statute the MMED has made a new interpretation and pulled these new stricter interpretations out of nowhere. 

I dont think this was a premeditated affair that is where the story goes wrong, its the economy, not this industry. 

at least somebody sees the potential revenue instead of the opportunity to bash patients, way to go Winter Park! 

in my opinion this is old news but in case you didnt know.... 

I dont actually believe this, but in the interest of fair representation.... 

Colorado needs this kinda organization and support. LA's Ban On Marijuana Dispensaries Halted For Now

SALES $ales Sale$ Sales sales $ALE$ and such! 

frozen Baked Apple Crisp sales are brisk, right out of the gate we've sold out of batch one! thanks for the vote of confidence. If you are on the fence we can bring you an empty display box that you can put out in the non-frigded display and if folks want to try it we can bring em the next week! We're talking 275 mg active THC, Gluten Free & Vegan, Heart healthy ingredients, a foolproof delivery that bakes up perfectly piping hot, and a six + month shelf life...  all for a wholesale of $9.
 this is what the units/display looks like,,, order by 7pm on monday the 10th and get your crisps for $8.50 each. 

Final Week of Palisade peach cheesecakes... Im sorry but Im calling it! these peaches aint what they once was, but we've got this week lets savor the flavor while we can. order by Monday and get your final 2012 peaches for $6.25 each. 

Key Lime is holding steady, we have bout 2 more weeks worth of limes at this rate, so get em while you can.... order by Monday to get your Key Limes and German Chocolates for $4.75 each.  

To make up taking away the peach cheesecakes, I am bringing back the 125Mg Toffee Iced Coffee cheesecakes, order by monday for Coffees for $6.25 each. 

Chocolates deal of the week is 10% off of the following chocolates flavors: 65mgs Ladies in the Sun (coconut) 65mg Dark Stars (oreo) 65 Mg Almond Bros (almond), 85Mg Soulshines (dark n milk chocolate), 85mg Freshies Crunch (crispy rice). . 

Deal of the week on Nuts is $0.35 off each pack of Confucius Crunch spicy hot nuts... if you order by Monday that is! 

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