Thursday, September 20, 2012

Aurora Schools Tax Hike - Because they are entitled

September 20, 2012

(Aurora) - Just four years after Aurora voters generously approved two tax and bond measures (3A & 3B), the Aurora Public School (APS) district is back, asking for yet more of your hard earned money, with measure 3C

Measure 3A from 2008 increased property taxes by $14.7 million annually, for the following purposes: 

Institute programs to decrease the dropout rate (then and now)
Recruit teachers and staff
Expand full day kindergarten
Update instructional technology 

Measure 3B from 2008 authorized additional debt to the tune of $215 million, with a repayment cost not to exceed $475 million. This bond measure, funded by a property tax, provided for a laundry list of school construction, repair and technology projects. 

With the new measure 3C, APS wants an additional $15 million. Exhibit A 

Each year, every APS student is directly provided $8,151.00 in funding from the state, local, federal and other sources. Arapahoe-Adams Funds In 2011, if you include school bonds, federal and other grants, the total funding per student is $10,038.00 

The current average total property tax mill levy for APS 28J, which includes the general fund and bond payments, totals 53.919 mills. If this measure passes the new average mill levy will be 62.859 mills.This new tax, dedicated to APS 28J schools, would increase your dedicated school property tax by over 16%. 

Currently the majority of all property tax that you pay, goes to the Aurora Public School district 28J.In fact, on average, 66% of your entire property tax bill goes to Aurora Public Schools.

With the ongoing economic recession, state funding for school districts has decreased slightly over the past several years. APS is loath to have to operate on slightly less funds and is going back to the local taxpayers for more money. APS believes that they should not have to give up any of the funding to which they have become accustomed. APS believes they are entitled. 

This tax is permanent.
  • Voters have an opportunity to say NO
  • Voters can tell APS to STOP asking for more
  • Voters can tell APS to live with their existing budgets, like Aurora residents do
  • Voters can tell APS to consider decreasing their own compensation, like many Aurora taxpayers have been forced to do over the past several years.
Tell this local government entity that enough is enough. Vote NO on measure 3C. 


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