Saturday, June 1, 2013

ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux - June 1, 2013

June = D-Day invasion of your rights...

Hey Now, 
Not writing Y'all a love note this morning, dont kill the messenger, I am just telling you what i know. 

Some serious skullduggery and fucked-uppery afoot in Denver. Time to Raise your voices in a HOWL of protest RIGHT NOW! 
the state's link:

What a pretentious bunch are in charge of the state right now...  This whole thing is so super fuckered up beyond any CO sunshine laws. 
and while we may or may not have had much of a victory at the pols last NOvember, every single candidate to toss their hat into the gubernatorial ring so far is a known avowed cannabis hater, so we need to get organized now, identify fresh candidates and flex our political muscle or we shall be ground under the wheel of oppression yet deeper into the mire.

I doubt any of you need to be told patient numbers are stagnant at best lately.... 

I am hearing lots and lots of feedback about the IRS audits that have been going on in pockets around the state for members of our industry which seem to go back to 2010... Get your house in order and your books nice and neat because it sounds like they plan to get to everybody they can eventually. 


you can rest assured these fuckers will have full access to the "emergency" rules team... cause they are the media darlings of the moment.... put Hipa before being media whores please. 


and back... 

Young women find dangerous lifestyle in (unregulated) pot-growing industrywww.standard.netGARBERVILLE, Calif. California's growing marijuana industry is having an unforeseen consequence: An increasing number of young wom...

Including the politics: 
"I aint no senator's son... my daddy is sec of defense bitches!"

Meanwhile voters in Florida have elected CGI hologram Gollum: we musts see their blood My precious... we must... 
Ok on to the delicious savings: 

New June Flavors: 
Welcome the return of the CHERRY WARRIOR... Gluten Free 125 Mg THC cherry cheesecake with medicated cherry core & white chocolate medicated drizzle for shizzle!  Wholesale $6.50

we will also continue to offer the Coconut Ginger cheesecake for June so you can still enjoy pina colada's and taking walks in the rain... 

BTW did you know that eating edibles is way more fun than trying to smoke a joint in a downpour... 
I endorse that all campers should bring Twirling Hippy Edibles along on a camping trip just to ensure you wont get rained on... 

If it should rain at least you'll be having fun in the tent! 


 * THanks to Robin Hackett of Botanacare for making this meme! I LOVE IT! 
after years of longing and contemplation and weeks of supply side consternation, and days of shaping frustration... 3rd time is the charm: New format = new flavor = new name: WAFER MADNESS a 125 Mg active THC gluten free double dose of crispy chocolate enrobed cocoa wafers... FINALLY an answer to 6 years of gluten free dieter's cravings for (and cheating over) a danged Kit Kat! Available starting NOW!!!  wholesale $6.50 

The same great selling and fun to eat/fun to share chocolate candy has a new look for June to celebrate Pride week... this rainbow wrapped wealth of riches is perfect to take as a fun pass around item at a Civil Union, or even to hang out with Hetro-types! But Because we know that not every community we serve is known for their tolerance if you aren't certain that your people will support equal rights (though I rarely meet a judgemental stoner, there are some out there unfortunately) we will still offer the Liberty Bites this month too as 4th of July is only 5 weeks away! Here's the deal, this week the pride bites you order by 7pm on Monday are $0.50 off each pack* but Liberty Bites do not have a discount... Tolerance pays!  
and here is a fun idea for patients who enjoy the bites! 

Whoa: Epic camping tip #5... Use the "bites" to make your s'mores around the campfire! They are the perfect amount of chocolate for the project. Campers can have fun experimenting with all three flavors... guaranteed to ensure a deep nights sleep in the deep woods where neither animal noises nor arctic cold shall wake campers in the middle of the night!

*Discounts will only apply to a regular minimum order placed prior to 7pm Mondays, and to receive discount, order must be paid in full upon delivery... 

Thanks for reading, I hope we all learned something today... 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections 
2145 W Evans Denver CO
303 922 3661 


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