Thursday, June 13, 2013

Latest update from Friends of Denver Parks re: Hentzell Park hearing

Dashing off for the Hearing this morning 11AM, City and County building, room 376 Judge Stern.  We packed the courtroom yesterday, and hoping folks with come again for the hearing today.  
Also we have been told that the final decision will be June 28, as the Judge wants to study the case. 
In the meantime, we need to slog those petitions as we won't know his decision.  If everyone who currently has a petition gets them filled then we will have the number that we need.
Mary Ewing is the organizer for those folks who don't want to petition alone.  Please call her and she will pair you up with someone. 
Home: 303-333-6262
Cell: 303-898-9962
We have two events so far this weekend that will be good opportunities for getting signatures.
We have a Friends of Denver Parks booth at  Gay Pride Festival for Saturday and Sunday.  Also City Park has a Jazz in the Park event, Sunday evening
that proved very fruitful last Sunday evening for me.  150 signatures in 2 hours.  
We will try to keep our website updated with the latest information LIKE our facebook page while you are there so we can get the word out.

Friends of Denver Parks


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