Monday, November 11, 2013

THC NEWSLETTER by Jessica LeRoux - November 11, 2013

Hey Now! 

I know its been a while since I wrote to you guys, but I don't have to tell any of you how crazy October through election day was… 
i realized why halloween and election day are so close together... its when politicians pretend to be something they are not, and go all over town with their goody bag asking for handouts... they only call it tricking as they are the 2nd oldest profession and there are no treats... they woulda done it on actual halloween but y'know gubment never have their shit done right on time...
anyway I'm back and I have a bunch of new stuff to catch you up on, so lets get started…. 

Deliveries for the holiday week will be as follows, so please plan in advance ok! Delivery to: suburban front range, Boulder & Denver will occur on Tuesday the 26th, Delivery to ALL mountain communities will occur on wednesday the 27th (yes i will be driving these deliveries on one of the worst traffic days of the year!) this way everybody will be Fully stocked before the holiday weekend, and I can eat leftovers on Friday! 

for what it may or may not be worth, Im mid-way through my recreational application the state has verbally approved me… and I'm doing the signatures on the city of Denver inspection card (2 more inspections scheduled for tuesday, then back to excise! fingers crossed please!) I know not all of you will be able to take advantage of the new regs, but it appears that it is gonna be mandatory for MIPs to have both licenses to remain relevant, so here we are! The state has some new links to recent "rules" being foisted upon us, read up Johnny! 

The SLA will also hold a formal rulemaking hearing at which any member of the public may provide public testimony addressing the rules under consideration for adoption. This hearing will be held on November 18, 2013, at 9:00 AM. The hearing will be held in:
The Old Supreme Court Chambers
Colorado State Capitol
200 E. Colfax Ave., 2nd Floor
Denver, CO 80202
The SLA encourages interested parties to submit written comments on the issues addressed during this rulemaking by November 13, 2013

the Denver retail store public hearings begin Tuesday, expect a full review here next week! 

Here's a very very interesting chart of applicants and the MED's results… what i find interesting as a MIPs owner is that through attrition over 80% of MIPs applicants have dropped by the way side, but there is lots of data to be mined here…

Regardless of what class of license you retain for your business, you will have to get onboard the MITS system which as most of you know i find discouraging at best…. what with the system not quite finished, (Colorado Public Radio - Listen to streaming In-Depth News and Classical Music "on the passage of AA ben markus of CPR said that the money from the taxes will help pay for the finalizaion of the MITS system which "remains under construction")
and the 25 cent per package RFID costs being backdoored onto us,  MITS Cost Information and the distressing lack of security concerning what should be private information Marijuana Inventory Tracking system security complaints to prompt video changes (i concede license numbers are public info what should be protected is the name and badge numbers of employees, and access to enter data into the class registration should be secured to licensees only, period!) 


Hey Now! a plea for the week, we will be lucky and have unusually nice weather for November so far, so dont worry... But I desparately need new brakes and snow tires for winter safety ASAP, however doubling down for the Rec license has tapped me to the bone... We can help each other though, because I would be proud and honored to be part of your patient's legal cannabis holiday! please consider selling a custom made cheesecake from Twirling Hippy Confections for a private event, or to to give as a hostess gift at a party you may be attending.  Just a reminder that we need to know what you want no later than the 14th (remote areas) or 21st (front range) for guaranteed Holiday delivery (its Danksgiving not xmas!) Custom Made full sized cakes for MMJ patients only! Made EXACTLY the way you want it, medicated to "your" level of comfort... 500 Mg up to 2800 Mg, they call it... YOU take all the credit for being a genius, we do all the dishes for you!

WHAT IS MOST EXCITING is that THE SALES TEAM (the bud tenders collectively for ONE location) WHO SELLS THE MOST FULL SIZED CAKES between dates 11-11-13 and 12-16-13 WINS A CUSTOM CAKE made to that team's specifications and whims! so get those pages printed, and let the game begin! you have the whole holidaze to earn a sweet reward and your payoff will be delivered to your MMC during the delivery week for Xmas!

here is a PDF of the order  form for you to print out, as well as the page explaining the concept to your clientele!  

Psssst contestants: sending an order form home with your patient increases fantasizing and thereby increases likelihood of actually selling them a big cake! 


November Flavor of the Month

Pumpkin Walnut Cheesecake 85 Mg Gluten free and made using a real fresh pumpkin! you can also have this as a full sized cake! order a dozen PW's and get 5% off!

Apple Crisp! it's sold frozen, you bake it in your own oven, filling your home with the scent of bubbly cinnamon goodness, and we do all the work! 275 Mg gluten free, organic, and vegan� and the flavor and texture are unforgettably amazing! Order 4 or more apple crisps, and save 50cents on each! 

Final run of Frozen Banana's F*Rasta! we are gonna faze the bananas into winter obscurity to make more room for other winter products, so stock your banana freezer now and if you order 6 or more banana (mix n match) you will save 5% on each! 

Order NOW and all orders of 30 units or more received by 7pm today the 11th will get a bonus freebie surprise! 

Thanks for reading 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans DEnver CO 
303 922 3661 - you can call us anytime! 

PS: if the big company where your spouse or roommate works will be throwing a nice catered holiday party in a poorly guarded
 space that could be crashed can you please let me know, so I can come and feast down on some of the corporate subsidies Ive paid to offset while my own small business toils in poverty! I will be the gal in the loose fitting cocktail dress hovering over the buffet with my big ass purse full of ziploc baggies.


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