Friday, November 22, 2013

Twenty story buildings - Sloans Lake

by Larry Ambrose
We are inviting you to join with us, a group of residents of West and Northwest Denver who have organized under the name, Sloans Lake Town Center to work for reasonable development of the St. Anthony Hospital site based upon the St. Anthony's Redevelopment Task Force Plan and the West Colfax Plan of 2006.   The General Development Plan for the former site of St. Anthony Hospital in the West Colfax/Sloan's Lake neighborhood is currently scheduled to go before the Denver Planning Board on Wednesday, December 18.
What is planned is pictured below. Twenty and 12 story buildings along 17th Avenue, directly across from Sloan's Lake Park. Up to 1750 units, more than 2,500 new residents and a tiny, 1.4 acres of internal open space surrounded and shaded by tall buildings. Click here for pictures. The plan is the exact opposite of what was envisioned by more than 100 community participants in the St. Anthony Task Force Plan iand we need your help to prove this before the Denver Planning Board on December 18.
The owners of the 25 acre development site, EnviroFinance Group (EFG), are subdividing it, overpricing it and trying to sell it off in parcels. Their game is to put a plan in place that will have density and heights will justify the high asking price. The Hancock Administration is endorsing this outrageous, downtown-size development on a site which has the potential to revitalize the neighborhood and be a project of regional and national importance.  
Your help is needed to defeat this scheme so that a legitimate plan can be approved which will result in a neighborhood compatible, human scale, market driven development that will actually be built.  We stand for correcting the plan to include three things:
            ►  Adequate open space
            ►  Pushing the buildings back from the Park and tiering them up toward Colfax
            ►  Creation of a multicultural Town Center
What you Can Do
VERY IMPORTANT - You can help by doing any or all of the following:

► Help pass out flyers door to door.  You may pick up packets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  November 25, 26 and 27.  During that time, you will be able to pick them up from the home of Cam and Lynn Cornish at 1941 Lowell Blvd. (720-375-0888).  Please feel free to knock, however, should no one be at home, the packets will be left in a box in a conspicuous location near the door.  Packets of 30 flyers, along with a script and map of the blocks households to contact will be made available.  Also, rather than asking that you pass them out at a specific time, you may chose to pass them out at any convenient time between Monday, November 25 and Sunday, November 31.  Please feel free call 720- 490-1991 or email  if you have any questions. (Copy of Flyer attached)
 Let your opinion be known at a Public Meeting sponsored by the City of Denver, Community Planning and Development and EFG Tuesday, December 3, 2013from 6 to 7:30 pm at Cheltenham Elementary School, 1580 Julian Street
 Attend the Denver Planning Board Public Hearing, Wednesday, December 18, 2013, 3:00 p.m., Webb Building, 201 W. Colfax, Rooms 4.F.6/4.G.2.
With enough support from civic minded Denver residents like you, we can prevent this train-wreck which is now on a well greased track that will be a disaster for Sloan's Lake Park and NW Denver. Please go to (website to be up by Friday, November 21)  and/or join the group Sloans Lake Town Center on facebook (


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