Monday, November 25, 2013


I hate the DEA... I blame the MMED for us seeing them.
I wanna state something on my posotion on last week's raids...
It enrages me that local regulatory incompetence has brought us to the problems faced in other states with federal scrutiny...
I personally have no problem with who was targeted. long time readers of my newsletter know I warned about the target being somebody to avoid repeatedly... as i have watched these guys cut a swath of destruction across many good clients of my business. many of us have been waiting and hoping the $$$ paid to the STATE regulatory agency in good faith would be used to clear out this cancer from our industry... I am positive of at least a dozen formal complaints about Lazlo Baggi filed with the MMED going back to early 2012... In my one on one meeting with then new director Laura Harris in Feb of 2012 I was questioned about his business practices and told the truth of what I knew... YET we must wait over 20 months and two directors of the STATE agency with NO action taken or proof any investigation ever happened, and its a jewelery bust and some damn guns that finally take the dirtbag down??? SO basically the do nothing MMED allows this fuck with dozens of complaints of flagrant violations of regulations to swallow up a dozen honest mom and pop operators for over a year, and their incompetence brings in the FEDs instead of the proper regulatory agency doing their job using their funds to clean up the ranks and protecting local industry from Federal scrutiny... BTW Vertical integration is what lead to this guy (with the big ass yucky buggy grow of weed too nasty to sell instate) stealing businesses from the orginal owners... And the fuck Lazlo didnt even get arrested...


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    excellent summary...thanks for sharing