Monday, July 21, 2014

Albus Brooks (Denver City Councilman) and Downtown Denver never intended to help the ‪‎homeless‬

from Occupy Denver on FB

Here's proof @DenCityCouncil, Albus Brooks: Denver City Councilman and Downtown Denver never intended to help the ‪#‎homeless‬ like they claimed when they passed this inhumane ban!
There are STILL not enough beds for all the homeless in ‪#‎Denver‬ and they have not increased services, BUT they have $1.8 MILLION for 10 more cops, arrest and detention services.
Whereas, if they truly wanted to help the homeless, they could have spent that same $1.8 MILLION and got 360 homes like this to house the‪#‎houseless‬!
This 3D-printed house costs less than US$5,000 dollars and is made out of recycled materials. The Chinese company that’s producing these homes can print 10 houses every 24 hours.


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