Thursday, July 17, 2014


In a phone conversation DPR's Chris Wilson said "DPR is under no obligation to notify RNOs (Registered Neighborhood Organizations) or the Denver Zoo about activities it schedules for City Park". Indeed, Sean Andersen from the Zoo's public relations department verified that he was unaware of the upcoming Chive Fest on Aug. 16. and RNOs have received no notification of this event. Although well advertised, no permit for this event has yet been granted, although it is on the DPR schedule as "pending".

INC, a organization of over 50 RNOs, is not pleased with this development: 

-"The City seems to continues to promote, expedite and provide help for those wishing to navigate the event scheduling process through Kevin Scott, whose title is Citywide Film and Event Administrator and who serves as the City’s liaison for event promoters. Mr Scott seems to have the ultimate power to make commitments to event promoters and effect permitting. Using his seemingly unquestionable authority, major events continue to be scheduled which could have significant ramifications for the City’s neighborhoods without notification or involvement whatsoever of RNOs or members of the community.
-What role and under what policies is Kevin Scott operating and what powers does he have to make commitments to groups such as the Chive Fest that they can begin the sales of tickets and advertising of liquor sales before a park permit has been issued or liquor license application has even been posted?
-What responsibility does Mr. Scott have to notify and involve RNOs in the planning of major events which will impact life in Denver's neighborhoods? A major discussion item in the stakeholders meetings.
-How can the City of Denver justify permitting the Chive Fest event at City Park in light of the fact that an identical type of event was denied the use of City Park in 2008 due to the impact of loud music on the animals at Denver Zoo?"

 See entire letter below.


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