Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dopers for Doug and other passing thoughts

I had resolved to keep my comments to myself in this current round of municipal elections, but regular readers will remember that I got sucked back in at a recent Mayoral forum at East High because it is just a block from my office.

In the mayor's race, one candidate stands out in my mind - Doug Linkhart. He has represented me as City Council-at-Large since my own councilperson, Carla Madison, was unresponsive. Linkhart seems to be reluctant to tout the one thing that could make a difference in this election - his support for legalizing marijuana. Do dopers even know this? I thought there were 70,000 registered medical marijuana users in Denver. Is Doug too laid back to mention this?

Then there is the City Council vacancy in District 8 created by Madison's predictable death. People who knew her personally knew that she wasn't doing very well during her entire term. She had entered medical trials and was being made very sick by the medicine. She eventually had to drop out of the trials. Nonetheless, Madison was always one to show up at every meeting, and she persevered despite her illness. She definitely did not want anyone's pity. Which brings me to the issue of her husband Paul, now riding Carla's coattails at breakneck speed, as a quick write-in vote could decide who gets the prize (as Carla said when asked why she was running for office 4 years ago, "It pays good money.")

Paul's approach seems to be based on his assertion that he and Carla were a team while she was in office. He is constantly referring to "we" when he speaks of Carla's accomplishments. People who know Paul personally are holding their breath in fear that he may actually have a chance at being elected. Let me put it this way: Paul's personality is not suited for public office. If you have ever been present when Paul has "lost it" and started screaming in public when he doesn't get his way, you already know that this will not work. You should also be aware that Paul has no ability to recognize a conflict of interest. If he were to get elected, you can be sure that it would not end well.

The notice sent out for the Carla Celebration yesterday contained the words

Copyright © 2011 The Committee to Elect Carla Madison, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you want to see the best possible representation for Denver District 8. 
Knowing that Carla's campaign treasury has at least $30,000 is going to prove awfully tempting to Paul. Does he get to use her email lists? Campaign staff? I actually heard someone say that they were voting for Paul "to honor Carla's memory". Oh no! Please. Don't even consider it. Carla's memory would not be honored, but eventually ruined if Paul were to be elected. Let's let Paul go back to his job hawking beer at Coor's stadium, where yelling is an acceptable part of the job.

As to who among the 39 write-in candidates would be best for the job, I've already made it clear that my choice is Darrell Watson, who has been thoroughly vetted, as he ran for the job last time around against Madison. There may be a lot of good people among those putting themselves forward for the job, but we don't have time to find out. Let's give Watson a chance, he is extremely well qualified, tried and tested.


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