Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Write-in Watson for Council District 8

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Editorial by Gerald Trumbule

Long time readers of this blog will not be surprised to find that we are whole-heartedly supporting Darrell Watson for City Council District 8. Some residents of this City Park district are feeling overwhelmed by the passing of Carla Madison and the rush of potential candidates signing up for the write-in campaign. "How will we ever vet all of these unknowns before May 3rd?" they ask. With 17 having already signed the Affidavit of Intent and more expected, it seems an impossible task. Some have called for a special election, but that is not the way the rules are written. One candidate has even promised to resign if elected in order to force a special election. But wait, clarity is on the horizon. One candidate has already been thoroughly vetted - and that candidate is Darrell Watson.

Watson ran for City Council four years ago. Although many thought he was the top candidate back then, he was bested by Sharon Bailey and Madison, who came in second. Madison then overwhelmed Bailey in the run-off election. During that campaign, Watson was featured in 12 YouTube videos expressing his views on various subjects. Although now four years old, these videos make it clear what kind of Councilman Watson would be.

Watson's website has been updated. His Facebook page is ready. He's Tweeting. Now it is up to us to WRITE-IN WATSON!

Full-disclosure. In the past I, and this blog, have been accused of "working for" the various campaigns we have supported. Denver Direct is totally independent and takes no remuneration from anyone. I do support candidates of my choice with financial donations and with pro bono video work. Such video work is completely under my own control and not dictated by candidates.


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