Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Report from the District 8 write-in frenzy

I know you've been waiting anxiously to see the District 8 write-in frenzy forums, so I went last night to the Scott United Methodist Church at 2880 Garfield St. The forum was sponsored by North City Park Civic Association. Unfortunately, the venue was poorly lighted and the sound system (home stereo) untested.

Here's the first round in which each of 25 candidates got to speak for 30 seconds. You may think that is hardly enough time to judge a candidate, but research shows that you make up your mind in the first 1/2 second, so it should be plenty of time. Council District 8 is often touted as being one of the most diverse, and here we have the proof - at least one candidate from every category - and, I must say, some who seemed very capable.

Here's the official list to date:

Council District 8
Wil Alston
Albus Brooks
Karen E. Brown-Gerdine
Sharon Canady
Loralie R. Cole
Adam Crowley
Steven Dewberry
Warren Edson
Leonard Fanganello
Rene I. Farkass
Julie C. Farrar
Tony Ferrufino
Paul Noel Fiorino
Britt Gallagher
Thomas Gilhooly
Breck Grover
Sarah Harman
Nita (Dwinita) Henry
Mark Iannucci
Thomas Henry Juniel
Angela Knepell
Angela Elaine Lombard
Mark G. Martinez
Owetta R. McNeil
Tom Morris
Steven Lewis Olstad
Theresa O'Sullivan
Thomas G. Perricci
Titus Peterson
Timothy P. Pickard
Greg Rasheed
Tom Rutherford
Dan Stafford
Darrell B. Watson
Paul Weiss
Susan Whitehurst
Rockford G. Williams
Penelope Zeller


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