Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nobody for Council District 8

Editorial by Phil Goodstein

The entire municipal campaign has been lethargic. Indeed. death has been the most defining aspect of any of the city council campaigns. In particular, Carla Madison, who was racked by terminal cancer and in hospice care, managed to cloak her illness until her recent passing while running unopposed for re-election.

Instead of raising questions about the integrity of a candidate who sought to cling to a post when her health did not permit it, the eulogies to Madison have been so intense that apparently the 3500 east block of Madison Street is named in her honor. At no time during her tenure on council did she loudly raise her voice against the sellout of the city's parks to private interests. the turning of Denver into a virtual armed police camp for the coronation of Barack Obama, the continued out-of-control role of the police, or a tax system that assures continual financial crises. On the contrary, Madison was always a vote for the status quo. No wonder she has reaped such praise.

A sitting council member has not lost re-election since 1987. The cowardice of political activists in taking on Madison, despite knowing she was desperately ill, has left the voters of her district with the convoluted choices of opportunists presented by write-in candidates. Those afraid to stand up against her when she was alive have shown they lack the character to challenge the dismal status quo. Seen in this light, it is better to leave Madison's seat vacant, assuring that nobody will betray the interests of the voters while failing to provide a vision or alternative direction to a lurching, lifeless community.

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  1. Rob Price3:39 PM

    I wonder why it’s so easy for you to say these things now that Carla is dead rather than saying them to her face when you were chowing down on free food at her annual open house. Are you willing to forgo your principles for a free meal?

    She told me that she considered you her friend. That was her biggest mistake.