Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy Denver 11-3-11:"Livin' in the Land Where the Whip Still Cracks"

I went to Occupy Denver yesterday because Michael Moore was going to make an appearance, and I did get some footage of the statement he made. But before he arrived, this gentleman appeared, and made one of the most moving statements I have heard from the Occupy movement to date.
(Tech note: I'm having some difficulty with the auto-focus on my new camera, but I would encourage you to stick with it to the end. It's well worth it.)

If anyone knows the poet's name, please leave a comment.

Update: His name is Noah Gauthier. Thank you Noah Gauthier, you are a splendid and powerful poet.


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    A post on the Occupy Denver facebook page gives his name as Noah Gauthier. He is awesome, come read the comments:

  2. Anonymous2:19 PM

    my name is noah. thanks for the love

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Grade A street truth poetry.give that man a pulitzer.big solidarity from Occupy Galway , Ireland

  4. I'm lost for words. Very powerful and and true to the core. Every person on the face of the earth should hear this. Thank you Noah. I'll have you and your words on my mind from this day forward. God bless.


  5. Noah,

    I doubt you'll ever read this, but I've shared this with as many people as I could. This is beautiful, powerful, refreshing, inspiring, and moving. Keep fighting, brother. We got this.


  6. Noah, would you be available to do this piece at an Art from Ashes workshop for youth? You can find our FB link here: or our website here: