Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street under siege

11:15pm "Zucotti Park, NYC is getting evicted. Spread the news. Tweet, FB. Whole world needs to know it RIGHT NOW. They are attacking heart of our movement."

1) - mayhem

11:28pm 2) view from above - looks live - police walking around in park

11:29pm Zuccatti Park surrounded - eviction soon?

11:37pm Cops in small groups arresting individuals and marching them away.

11:43pm site#2 has two camera. One woman screaming "don't touch me".

11:46pm site@2 - NYPD white shirts in evidence. Banjo music playing. Site#2 showing picture of US Capitol.

11:53pm New site - Site #2 reportedly refueling helicopter.

11:56pm - Site#2 has helicopter back in the air - but no picture.

12:03am - Site#1 - Cops destroying camps - arresting individuals without take down.

12:05am - News helicopters reportedly ordered out of airspace.

12:06am - Large dump trucks pulling up.

12:19am - Loud bangs - smoke/teargas?

12:24am - Radio on the ground - trying to get to park but press not allowed.

12:31am - People massing at Wall Street Bull.

12:34am - Police reportedly denying credentialed press access.

12:51am - 300 people at Broadway and Pine pushing back against police - blocking trash trucks from leaving.

1:20am - If only the people running the live stream knew how to operate a camera. Over and out.


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