Friday, May 10, 2013

Pot Law Postmortem

Gerald Trumbule
I intend to do an analysis of our new pot laws, and to start I'm putting up the Senate floor action, in chronological order, preceding the passage of HB13-1318 Taxes, and then the two-part series preceding the passage of HB13-1317 Implementation. These are long videos downloaded from and trimmed to make them as short as possible without any internal editing. That way you get to enjoy the creamy goodness of real-time arrogance, ignorance, and down-right WTF, with an occasional but rapidly disappearing thrust of actual attempts to express the will of the people.

I need your help.
If you watch this, please note the time of any gems you find and put those times in the comments section for others to enjoy. Share the pain!

Part 1

Part 2


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