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All Things MJ with Jessica LeRoux - May 13, 2013

Hey Now,

Jessica at the Capitol
Voters who dont read beyond the headlines are destined to being duped into a half assed version of cannabis legalization, and in return they will get less than nothing of their rights...
I will be in the panel discussing A-64 and the bills related to it on Thursday evening hosted by Cloverleaf, at casselmans bar... Come out and learn what I know! (May 16, 6:00 pm, 2620 Walnut St.)
Waiting  will be easier than answering each of you personally, and lets be honest, the last couple weeks have been so overwhelming that I havent been able to get the news written, and if more of you would not call and ask 30 minutes of one on one questions I could prolly get more info out to all in the state more quickly.
Dacono voters overruled the city council vote when given the chance to re-instate MMCs in town... MMCs win 384 to 258 that's 60%... reapplication process begins again... best of luck Brad & Karen! 
Lets show the clueless legislators the same kinda "love" for their industry taxation in november under TABOR... Vote NO on 25% retail taxation. Vote for new candidates in the primaries.
during the Debate of hb13-1317 note the empty seats, less than 1/2 republicans listened, almost all voted... What is wrong with this image? 
Lest anybody think we would rest in the wake of the session, not so much, here is my newest project please go join and share the link...
A guy posted a link to the DUID story with the header "good News" on the Nederland community page... here is my reaction: 
actually it could be bad news, even for a glib know nothing knee jerk reactionist... because you dont have to even use cannabis to be suspected of using it and have your blood forcibly drawn... Even if you consent each time you are innocent, you will give up hours of your time... maybe on your way to school, maybe on your way to do the custody hearing or the kid swap and your kids go to DCFS until you are exonerated (but wait the state is 16 months behind of turn around of current blood samples), maybe on your way to the most important job interview of your life... Just because you dont use cannabis is no reason for you to feel safe or smug about this law, you still live up here in instant suspect land, and if your address shows Ned, you can bet the cop in another flat land town knows all about your "habits"... No matter who you are, what your habits, or where you live, YOU are now subject to this untimely invasion of your civil rights at any time of day or night. Remember that before you gloat.
in Illinois, they need forced blood draws because they cant prove impairment so they need the blood to support their charges... In CO we heard the opposite argument, that there is already impairment.... cant have it both ways LEO... Police groups question medical marijuana safeguards for Illinois law enforcement organizations stepped up their opposition Wednesday to legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, focusing on motorist safeguards they say are too lax to prevent traffic deaths.
Then again nobody even bled this guy's arm, he just bled their wallet, good for him!
CO Lawmakers Finalize Marijuana Tax Rules dont forget that the state tax of 2.9 percent and any local sales tax will compound on top of this... so it really starts at 28% up to 36% by my math...
I havent drank in almost two decades, I dont mind if other people do but I dont... Monday I went to the liquor store because I wanted to make a recipe that called for spirits. (dont get giddy its not medicated...) I seriously bought enough booze to kill 4-5 people if it was all consumed in one sitting... I paid $2.46 in taxes on roughly $35... Under HB13-1318 on a non-lethal OZ of cannabis you would pay about $65 in taxes for the cheapest stuff... But here's the kicker, the justification is that cannabis needs a robust "sin" tax to pay for all the crimes and child "overdoses" associated with its consumption... Yes you read that BS right...
I feel this sums up why we got such crap ass bills out of A-64... because some dummies matriculate from squad car to state house... 

some heartwarming news.... 

Goin down down down down...  Medical Marijuana's Journey To $0: CannaVEST Payment Was Shares of Medical Marijuana (MJNA.PK) continue to crater hard and fast. Speculators in this stock tend to be oblivious to the obvious fact that the shares are down from their $0.50/share peak for good reason - there's no tran I love this reaction in the stock discussion page I follow... John Casey MJNA is about 24 cents/share below where it was trading when you first posted on it, so it's lost over half of its market value in a few months, and I seem to recall you getting some shit for dissing that dog, and I don't mean any insult to dogs here...

here's one reason not to follow the CO model... Even in 2013, Parents Who Use Marijuana Risk Losing Their Kids

Back to deliciousness and savings.... 
May's flavor of the month is Ginger Coconut 
and we still have the yummy chocolate Bites... now they have a festive red white n blue wrapping and are called Liberty bites for memorial day.... next month they will have rainbow wrappers and be called Pride Bites for pride week.... so if you have a special sale planned for either of these events reach out to me and We will make a deal for you to have these fun sharing sized packs of candy to promote! 
 now you can get the bags of bites by specific flavor... so if you want a dozen all of one kind let us know when you order! 
New stuff will be coming out by month's end... 
and very exciting news given that we are at 80

degrees, I am once again the only medicated business in CO to offer refrigerated delivery... I got my new refer truck just in the nick of time! and it is running great! 
now if only you guys would send me orders to pack it full of deliveries I can make the payments on it! 
Order by 7pm today Monday the 13th and get free delivery on any order over 20 units! 


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