Thursday, May 23, 2013

HEADS UP: from Jessica LeRoux

5/23/13 is the 1st day of Colorado's annual "Heat is On" campaign...

Law Enforcement's push to generate DUIs, also known as the "100 days of Summer"…

This year there will be increased emphasis on THC enforcement. While I know responsible patients like you would never drive while you might be impaired, you are at risk of a false science based per se nanogram conviction now thanks to new DUID laws…

RIGHT NOW is the time to make sure your lights are working properly, your tags are up to date, and your windshield provides clear visibility.

WEAR YOUR SEATBELT, they are specifically targeting unbuckled drivers.

Carry your cannabis in a scent proof container away from the driver's reach, and DO NOT smoke while in your vehicle even if you are at your stopping point...

Do not consent to showing any officer your Tongue! This is a new non-science based method of entrapment, there is NO science on a green or grey film from using cannabis, this is a way for the officer to generate probable cause to stick you with a needle.

Please pass this info on to any patient you speak or toke with!

Please be safe instead of becoming a statistic!

This public civil rights concern brought to your attention by Twirling Hippy Confections


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