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ALL THINGS MJ with Jessica LeRoux - May 27, 2013

Ed. Note: In which Jessica takes a day "off" and turns out an extra comprehensive review of All Things MJ. Show her some love and appreciation by going here and finding a dispensary near you that carries her Twirling Hippy Confections.

Hey Now, 
Hope you are having a great memorial day, and showing some extra medicated love for our veterans of all ages. I also hope you and all you serve are staying safe on the roads this weekend, It is not too late to remind your clients to stay sober on the road, and stay alert to increased police presence this summer. Brighton PD beefs up DUI enforcement this weekend | TheBrightonBlade.comwww.thebrightonblade.comBrighton police will step up their efforts to take drunken drivers off the road this weekend. Thanks to a grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation, four more officers will be added to the department's normal DUI enforcement program. Police also plan to participation in a saturation pat...

Its been a while since i had the time to sit down and write an update for y'all but Ive given the team the day off over here so I can catch up on some details. 
Im gonna give you some indications of what I see as strengths and concerns re the recent legislation. I want to be 100% clear that  we can not know what really awaits until the "rule making process" begins promulgating these laws, which are set to be signed by the governor on Tuesday. While it would be nice if the governor refused to sign these pile of crap laws, hopefully at least by wednesday we will start to see some promulgation progress given the rapidly dwindling sands of time.  We are gonna have to be diligent to make sure this entire process is done with proper regard to Sunshine laws given the speedy timeline to complete so many complicated regulations. 
here is a link to each final bill:

this link shows all other bills that deal with cannabis on any level:

My observations are that any of us who wish to apply for recreational or dual licensing will need to apply in October well prior to the tabor vote on the excise and special sales tax... the issue is that we will need to apply before the funding for the agency is established. Of course I do not think we should vote for or support voting for the excise tax (in fact I am strongly in favor of starving the DUID madness by specifically defeating the special sales tax.) There is a good chance that the enforcement agency will not want to issue many licenses, if they do not have money they feel entitled to, to oversee the licensees. Given these funding conflicts if the opportunity presents itself I may decide to wait until November 7th to apply. Additionally in areas where a local retail sales ban has been passed by town council or county commissioners, citizens can do a ballot initiative and gather the needed signatures to be on the November ballot, giving established medical businesses in those towns the option of applying for recreational licensure after the election and only loosing 5-6 weeks of time compared to their non-local competitors. This strategy is going to take some team work by businesses in areas with bans, and if that is you, I will be happy to do what ever I can to help you draft a ballot initiative and establish the guidelines of signature gathering etc... 
The other big-ass stumbling block will be the legal custody of the plants currently being grown for specific patients per 1284. There does not seem to be a viable legal way to appropriate the legal property of a medical patient to recreational inventory as outlined in Hb13-1317. I am very very uncomfortable about the prospect of merely transferring a portion of my current medical inventory to recreational use and mysteriously applying an excise tax to that. (of course if the excise tax is defeated in November this is a moot point, one more reason to vote no on new taxes under Tabor). I may wait until I can be certain that there is a crop of proper recreationally grown cannabis with all appropriate taxes etc attached to apply for a recreational infused product license given the complications of actually being able to produce a viable legal product on jan 1st 2014. There will be issues with the build out required for dual licensing, another good topic to be involved with your local agency about. 
So what Im saying is that I do not see any clear and easy path to recreational licensing and until the rules start to shake out I am neither counting my chicks nor putting my eggs into any baskets. I advise you to keep your eyes open, and if your town has passed or discussed a ban get involved now on the local level. If you are facing a local ban what you can and must do now is get the ball rolling to gather signatures and have your business be on the ballot in November, START TODAY! 


Well friends week two of owning the new refer truck, and of course the adventures of cheesecake lady continue a pace out on the weird roads of Colorado... Locked my keys in the dodge for the 1st time at an isolated trailhead outside of Gunnison... and found a wire gas/fracking flag to use to break back in... With the help of a sweet good old boy and his funny son. Then I walked out the trail to celebrate my victory over my own lax attention to details... and in the all things happen for a reason category, who did I run into but David Baumgartner, the Gunnison county Atty... he was giving Panama biscuits when I walked up, and I recognized him from the Task force, we ended up having a good talk about the recent ban of recreational cannabis in the county. He was very disappointed the county reacted that way, and predicted a successful voter overturn of the commissioners decision in November if the citizens get organized... Hint hint you crested beauties.

One step forward, two steps back... 

I heard CO Congressman Doug Lamborn on the radio talking about the priority his office is making to help business entities (NFP's) who have been unfairly investigated, persecuted, and or harassed by the IRS... While I guess maybe he meant the Tea Partiers, I know of one other group (with strong representation in his district no less) who've dealt with burdensome IRS intervention in our operations: the CANNABIS INDUSTRY. So why not call ol' Doug and tell him how unfairly the IRS is treating licensed medical marijuana providers right here in his home state!
The Other IRS Scandal: Outright War Against Marijuana"Should the IRS campaign be successful, it will throw millions of patients back in to the hands of street dealers, eliminate tens of thousands of well paying jobs, [and] destroy hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue."

When you combine the new federal push for lower BAC levels, the DOT push for hair sample testing of interstate truckers, and new THC blood levels it seems the content of your body is the only "jobs" plan the fucking government has come up with in 2013... we cant fix our country's financial problems by having the most costly and invasive driving standards in the world...

DO NOT show your tongue, there is no proven science behind this... Demand a warrant if any LEO wants to look anywhere inside your body or veins even your mouth. Admit NOTHING! 
This is what passes for DRE science that all state patrol will receive in the coming year funded by Hb13-1318 the cannabis tax bill... VOTE NO under TABOR on new retail cannabis taxes... even if you are a medical patient you will be forced to pay (not the tax, you'll pay with your freedom...) 
Man arrested for suspected pot DUI over color of his tongue?q13fox.comMike Simmons says he was busted for suspected pot DUI because of the color of his tongue. PUYALLUP -- Pot may be legal in Washington state, but Kent police recently arrested a Puyallup man for driving under the influence because, he said, he had


I think the contrast in imaging says as much as the article... one pic is professionally paid for, of a person who is stiff stuffed and standing in a defensive stance in front of cardboard boxes stacked with toxins talking about buying other people's dreams... the other person is sweaty, smiling, working on a real product with real ingredients, and snapped by an irreverent employee for a laugh at the bosses expense talking about the desire to continue owning their own dream. to me that is the unspoken contrast, and you gotta ask yourself who are you? and... is all that "money" (per seeking alpha there aint none there either) making anybody happy? truest statement in the article.... "the hippies were right"! 

read more.... 
Hucksters and Charlatans. Is Medical Marijuana Inc. making it harder on possible legit cannabis stock options in the future?
So, let me get this straight...this "company" has 5 full time employees and lists itself under "Real Estate Development" (and was formerly known as "Foreclosure Solutions Inc.")...and yet they list themselves as a company focused on hemp based products? Who are these people trying to kid? Let's see what's CannaVEST worth? Well, they have $431 to their names (I've got more than that in my checking account), zero revenues, lost $45K over the last 12 months, and are cash flow WAY negative. With 7 million shares outstanding, and total worth of about $431, that means each share is worth $0.000065 assuming the company doesn't spend its cash balance buying a few cokes at the vending machine.CannaVEST is worthless, so Medical Marijuana just got paid handsomely in Monopoly money. Not only is management of MJNA trying to mislead investors regarding the way it gets paid, but it looks like it's also trying to convince investors that the "riches" it just earned from earning fake money are deserving of your real money. Also, I'd love to see proof that MJNA management isn't draining the company by selling shares, either directly or indirectly, because if I were an investor, I wouldn't want to be trading real money for Monopoly money.
too bad the markets are closed today, hope you dont loose value over night... 
I think that this introduces some risk in the near-term (and may explain why former interim CEO Ted Caligiuri left the Board and his executive position so abruptly and why Tripp Keber is no longer a Director) and perhaps explains why the audit has been delayed, but it also gives the management team a chance to clean up a bad situation and start fresh.*
*start a new bubble scam shell don't you mean?


and to think we could clean it up with hemp instead... 

I sincerely hope all of you will make time and find a way to see this important exploration of the drug war from the perspective of the product and the profiteers... Every elected official should watch this and every parent too. 

the consequences in CO including a nice chunk $ to fat ass Waller to buy a new DUID limit:

many are invested in the success of the profit system all down the rope used to hang citizens

CO prisoners got paid pennies to make the $1000 seating that the MMED bought without getting any comparison bids from any fair trade manufacturers What Do Prisoners Make for Victoria's Secret?www.motherjones.comFrom Starbucks to Microsoft: a sampling of what US inmates make, and for whom

The "Care of the Caregiver" session is a powerful half-day session that can help prevent a caregiver from becoming overwhelmed by their duty. Attend and learn how taking care of one's self improves care for all! Register for only $25 at 

I made a meme! 

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Thanks for reading, hope you learned something interesting today! 

Jessica LeRoux 
Twirling Hippy Confections LLC
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