Sunday, September 1, 2013

Proposed 5-story apartment building at 22nd and Marion

The PR firm (The Pachner Company) and the owner presented their proposal to a group of about 20 neighbors onsite at the lot where they want to build a 5-story apartment building. Although there was no vote, it appeared to me that most were in favor of building on the site, but not a 5-story building. The zoning currently allows a 3-story building, which the owner says is not "economically feasible", meaning "we won't make enough money". Additional meetings will be scheduled.

The video was "live streamed" using my cell phone (Galaxy S3) and (free version). The original was an .flv file which was downloaded, converted to .mp4, edited using Pinnacle Studio 15, and posted on YouTube. Looks slightly "underwater" but will suffice for important real-time coverage.


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