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THC WEEKLY NEWS by Jessica LeRoux - September 16, 2013

Hey Now, 

The Cheesecake Lady
I am guessing that you all have had enough bad news personally around CO, and that those of you paying attention know that with weeks to go no good news is coming out of MED or DOR, while I have plenty of accurate but sobering updates in this week's newsletter I would like to start the week on an UP note! 
Tomorrow Tuesday the 17th will be officially the 4th anniversary of becoming a legal LLC for Twirling Hippy Confections (to get technical Ive used the same name and logo since 2000). 
*If you are not concerned with the regs at the very least scroll down to see my bad-ass new Steal Your Fruit 150 Mg lighting bolted cheesecakes!  
We have a bunch of new products, and if you order by 4pm on Tuesday you will get a discount of 4% off of all orders of 30 units or more! 
help us celebrate years of committed service to the industry, order some of our new products, do a sale on your old stuff but one way or another lets make tomorrow a Twirling Tuesday for our Birthday friends!
on a personal note I will also be old, I am turning 40 over the weekend, so I really need the filthy largess of your huge and massive orders to console myself with male strippers and chocolate. For real!  

Must read regarding the MITs system Here is some additional stuff I feel you all should know about this MITs system... 
#1 Franwell the company that "designed" our system is pretty much the Haliburton of tracking systems and they specialize in government/private sector projects. Franwell has been LATE on their last three projects that they have done for government interface programs. 
#2 This MITs system is required whether you are converting to recreational, seeking dual licensing or remaining Medical only. 
#3 The new rules for both medical and recreational REQUIRE not only purchasing the yet unfinished Franwell system, but you must have had an owner take a compliance class on using the system by December 31st. If the system is not operational by that date there is NO sales of cannabis recreational or MEDICAL allowed period as there is no backup, meaning there is NO other way to operate your business legally if the MITs system is down or not yet ready for activation. 
We absolutely MUST demand a price cap on this system, and a back up option for days when the system fails. enough is enough!

If you don't think that MITS bs is gonna be a big deal you haven't been reading the rules! here is a link, get started asap! 
The State Licensing Authority has finalized and adopted both sets of rules, which are available online at: (retail) and (medical).

Link to the archive of Hearings to last week's federal cannabis legalization hearing: Grassly is a Grassliar
Highlight of watching the senate hearings on cannabis? identifying a local asshole having a bad time in the audience: The lady sitting over Kevin Sabets shoulder frantically wringing her hands and cleaning her nails is local prohibitionist Diane Carlson! I cant wait to tell her she shoulda did her manic meth-head manicure before she chose that seat!

and the upside of the hearings: 


Maybe you saw some stuff on TV yesterday… but here's what they didn't say: 

now if regular folks store cannabis in their fat cells for emergency stress coping, it only makes sense that those with issues regarding body fat to have issues with their endocannabinoid system. 


Three takes on the flooding: 
Heavy Heavy Heart. News is confirming the rumors that Ive hoped were wrong. The man killed by rockslide in James Town reported to be Joey Howlett, former owner of the Merc. Joe was one of my very first commercial bakery accounts. I lived in Jamestown in 2000-2001 and I used to make the Merc's cakes every week for the weekend crowd. Joey was one of the 1st to believe in my work (even without the medicine!) and i will never forget Him or my gratitude to the Merc for giving me a foot in the door.

many of my clients and friends with grows reporting power outages and flooding. If we wanna see some legal weed available for retail sales in january, EVERYBODY in the industry who has a safe garden needs to take some clones that you are willing to give for free to those in the industry who have lost their girls.

Partying with the Frackers while the very communities that oppose drilling get hammered! 

Local Stupidity:

Ancient Insights: if this is what the softness of water can do, imagine if all of us were as relentless about cannabis law reforms: none of us is free while one of us is chained! 

We NEVER EVER use dyes in our foods so making a steal your face cheesecake to show how grateful I am for the past 4 years as a legal licensee in CO was the ultimate challenge but when I found a lightning bolt chocolate mold my mind's wheel was turning and I cant go back... The steal your fudge cake didnt turn out as I had hoped, but STEAL YOUR FRUIT is pretty kick ass if I may say... "red" side is raspberry batter cheesecake, "blue" side is blueberry bater cheesecake, with a medicated white chocolate bolt (i know it aint 13 point, but it is gonna melt regardless so chill ya lot livin bastards  ) From lot to legal 4 years and counting, Forever Grateful, Forever Family! Thank YOU all!
150 Mg THC $7.50 wholesale 100% lovingly handmade!  I could also make a bitching 9" custom cake version of this for the shows if a patient wanted to order one through their favorite Twirling Hippy COnfections selling MMC!

5 gluten free flavors, 100Mg each! 
Try them all or get the assorted pack to sample and share! 
Almond Nips, 
Cherry Creme Nips,
Cookies n Caramel Nips,
Nutterollo Nips,
Peppermint Nips.
*If you order by 4pm Tuesday the 17th in honor of our 4th bday your 1st 4 bags of Nips are only $4 each, (regularly $6.50)

chocolate (#17) is called Small Axe after the Bob Marley song... make no mistake about it, if you are a big tree, we ARE coming to chop YOU down! 125 Mg Gluten Free dark chocolate with a medicated milk chocolate gluten free cookie bits and caramel chunked core. Gluten free 125 Mg THC, tasty as fuck! Im pretty proud of this creation, I wish I could send you all a bite right over the inter webs! 

Bronco Bites selling off the shelves and two big wins two weeks in a row, coincidence? I think NOT! Better get some bites just in case that is the reason the team is doing so well, don't wanna be the jinx factor do you?

Order 44 items or more and get a bonus thank you from us this week on our Birthday! thanks for your continued support! 

 Carla Malone-Boyd Job Available: Leif Alert and another alarm company teaming up for administrative position 30 to 40 hours a week. Work from home position must have capability of dedicated business line. PM me if interested.

Thanks again for reading as usual, and if you are one of the readers who works at an MMC that supports Twirling Hippy Confections  with regular orders of my products and promotion of the values we stand for I would like to sincerely thank you for your effort on our behalf, we really do see our clients as our partners in this and we feel that our mutual survival is interdependent, so thanks with all my heart. If you are one of the readers who uses the info here week after week without supporting the source and selling or buying our brand of delicious edibles, I would like to personally ask you why you feel entitled to getting something for nothing and what makes you so special, I mean jeez! But its never too late just call us up and we will set your MMC up as a client! 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans Denver CO
303 922 3661 -call this number to order or just with your questions! 


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